Astrology for the Week of September 6 to 14, 2009


The main issues this week settle around the configurations of certain planets.  As aspectual relationships become exact the life issues which they represent become strong in the minds of humanity.  Trends are not random as they may seem, they are influenced by the course of the planetary bodies in the solar system.

So as Saturn and Neptune are making a quincunx n the sky above us, and as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn make fifth harmonic aspects to each other; we can expect the uprising of issues having to do with dishonor, anxiety, confusion, and impatience. 

091409configWe are now officially entering into the period which I wrote extensively about in my eBook which will be with us through the first months of 2011; and all of these planets imply severe and challenging struggles of humanity. Saturn will move into exact opposition to Uranus on September 15, 2009, and both planets will be loosely in square to Pluto in sidereal Sagittarius.


So along with the intense configurations of this coming weekend (September 11-14, 2009), the next week will have change knocking on the door.  Remember that when Mr. Change comes knocking on the door, it’s best to open it for him; otherwise he’ll try to get in through the window. 

Monday, September 7, Mercury Retrograde (Labor Day USA)
Mercury turns retrograde today for approximately 21 days, this may make it a little more difficult to get messages out or to get them out correctly.  Mercury as retrograde becomes a little more subjective in its action, and therefore prone to distortions of the lens of our consciousness.  I wouldn’t be too concerned about it anyway; it’s never proven to be very troublesome by itself to me. 

Tuesday, September 8
Relationship issues will be rising hard and strong; obsessions, thoughts, compulsions and desires eclipsing temporarily a normal sense of propriety with all the agendas (deep, dark, and heavy) usually attached to things which kind of overwhelm us.  Emotions in general are affected deeply.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Wednesday, September 9 (9-9-09)
If you are into numerology today may be significant. Astrologically, Mars makes a minor hard aspect to Neptune which can cause mysterious-seeming losses of motivation and physical energy; chronic conditions could flare and tendencies toward deceitful behaviors will be activated.  Motivations can be confused, tied in with erroneous self-victimization themes.  Venus contra-parallels Jupiter also making people social and upbeat; judgment and the use of time, energy, and resources may be channeled to the fulfillment of so-called frivolous goals. 

Thursday, September 10
No peaking influences

Friday, September 11

The Sun and Venus aspect Jupiter helping everyone to be upbeat and confident (if not overly so); social, cultural and religious/spiritual issues are enhanced.  Venus and Uranus aspecting each other as well as Juno and Pluto will be bringing up relationship issues and situations; quick connections may come about, but also there will be elements of pathology to them.  Pluto makes a station click here for more info.

Saturday, September 12
Deep anxieties and hard to resolve issues plaguing us may seem to overwhelm our minds right now; people may not be feeling well, mentally as well as physically.  Some of the worst examples of dishonor, deception, and deceit may be observed in human affairs right now.  About the only thing to do here is hold on and not let a better view of reality (held in the mind as a vision) be over powered by otherwise strongly negative influences surrounding us.  (Saturn quincunx Neptune)

Sunday, September 13
Carrying over from yesterday, opportunities may seem hard to come by, and even little gains may require a great amount of effort.  It is at this point though that pessimism and shrewdness is attempting to reconcile itself self with self-confidence and sense of the ability to make anything happen because one simply believes they can.  Glib overconfidence meets pathological skepticism.  (Jupiter biquintile Saturn)

Monday, September 14

Two planets aspect Jupiter helping us to think that anything is possible and the excitement that generates in us.  There could be a lot of impetuosity and grand promises, but ultimately things may fail due to lack of planning and preparation, and simply not taking into account what it really takes to take things through the long haul.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars biquintile Jupiter)

Curtis Burns

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