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by | Sep 6, 2011 | Predictions

Two interesting things happen astrologically this week, two planets move into the signs of their debilitation/fall.  Bear in mind that I am using the sidereal or Vedic zodiac, so my information may seem to differ from other astrologers you might hear from; but what I will be saying here pertains to the Vedic system.

Venus and MarsBoth Mars and Venus move into the signs of their debilitation or fall, Cancer and Virgo respectively.

Mars in Cancer might be labeled the reactionary hothead.  Cancer is a feeling, instinctual sign, while Mars is a planet that is impetuous and prone to being easily offended.  Therefore Mars in Cancer trips off any residual traces of inadequacy or vulnerability on a more non-rational level of the psyche of individuals, which can be compensated for by exaggerated self-righteousness or aggression.

Venus connects and bridges gaps, while Virgo separates out and analyzes; these are highly contrasting types of energies, therefore relationships may suffer problems during this approximately month-long sojourn in the sign, from September 8 to October 3, 2011.

Mars however will be in the sidereal sign of Cancer from Sept 6 to Oct 27, 2011, give or take a few days.  I’m certainly not saying that life will be characterized by these issues completely, but they should affect us at some level.  Certainly relationships will moving through new territories, some which may not feel entirely comfortable.

Sun and Mon, Sept 4-5, Labor Day (US)
Emotional responses may be surprisingly deep, good or bad.  Be careful not to let the floodtide of emotion cause you to lose perspective.  People may be magnetically drawn to each other.  Be very careful of potential eruptions of energy, anger, or destructive power.  The nervous system could become overly stimulated causing various forms of hysteria, panic, or chaos.  Be careful of being in danger zones.  Bold, dramatic action taken conscientiously may open the way for new life-directions. (Mars tridecile Uranus, Venus tridecile Pluto)

Tuesday, Sept 6
Enthusiasm and adventurousness may characterize this day, with some people acting a little overly arrogant or reckless, but success is where luck and preparation meet.  Relationships may hit new, perplexing junctures, possibly even split off.  Everyone one may feel a shift as Mars enters sidereal Cancer today, as explained somewhat above.  (Mars quintile Jupiter, Venus square Nodes)

Wednesday, Sept 7
Energy and motivation may be hard to draw up, or may come out in weird ways.  Be careful of deceptive and self-deceptive actions.  Chronic conditions may flare and addictive behaviors are more likely to be set off.  Later in the say, more positive and exciting matters may help to raise up the energy level of the day.  (Mars biquintile Neptune, Mercury tridecile Jupiter)

Thursday, Sept 8
What you see and otherwise perceive may be only the projection of your hopes and desires onto the situation; subjectivity trumps objectivity today.  Chronic conditions may flare, and addictive/compulsive behaviors may be activated.  There may be demonstrable shifts in relationships and in other affairs as Venus moves into sidereal Virgo, as explained above.  (Mercury opposite Neptune)

Friday, Sept 9
Compelling, interesting, and challenging situations may arise.  It may be difficult to get past a certain sense of fatalism or pessimism, but you may be able to find the determination to solve your own problems.  Unusual attractions may occupy your attention, but which have the possibility of being largely fantasy-based.  (Sun tridecile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Saturn, Juno sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Saturday, Sept 10
Social and relationship situations may be enhanced.  Be careful about overspending or overindulging, and other otherwise frivolous forays.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus sextile Mars)

Sunday, Sept 11, 9-11 10 Year Anniversary
People may feel at odds with others, their selves, or their situation in life.  A sense of self-empowerment may be at issue, whether one retains it or not.  Later on, persuasive and penetrating mental and verbal skills may be unleashed.  (Sun square Nodes, Mercury trine Pluto)

Monday, Sept 12
Today nothing, but we may be feeling quite intensely already tomorrow’s Pluto station.  Potentially pivotal events are in the offing, great emotional depth may be achieved.

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June 8: Moon at Apogee
June 10: Annular (bright ring) Solar Eclipse (New Moon)
June 11: Mercury at Inferior Conjunction
June 12: Moon conjunct Venus, Venus at Perihelion
June 13: Moon conjunct Mars
June 18: First Quarter Moon
June 21: Summer/Winter Solstice
June 23: Moon at Perigee
June 24: Full Moon
June 27: Moon conjunct Jupiter
June 28: Moon conjunct Saturn

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