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Minneapolis Astrologer

Minneapolis Astrologer, Local Readings

Curtis Burns is a Minneapolis astrologer in the Twin Cities doing consultations in person, over the phone/Skype or by email. 

Call him today for an appointment 651-756-7451 or email him here

Curtis has twenty five year plus experience in astrology consultations for personal and business astrology.  Curtis’ specialty is Vedic astrology, and he incorporates a broad range of techniques and philosophy in his practice. 

Curtis Burns Minneapolis Astrologer testimonials

“Curtis’ approach was thoughtful and considerate, which helped a beginner better understand the stars and how cosmology truly works.  Curtis’ deep passion for astrology is evident and a great benefit for those of us who work with him in that he sees beyond and is able to share wise examples and sensible guidelines, moving us closer to our destinations.”  SE, Mpls MN

“Thank you, Curtis for insight into the challenges and opportunities facing me over the next two years. Your use of vedic astrology was particularly helpful to me. It revealed career options to me that finally make sense. It also gave me insight into recurring patterns in my life that have been previously unexplained by other astrologers, astrological consultations and methods. Your interpretive style is especially suited to me also. I like how you get right to the meaning of the portents and exclude all the excessive astrological jargon. It makes efficient use of the consultation time and allows an unbroken stream of thought about the most important part of an astrological consultation, its meaning. I look forward to our next consultation. Thanks again, Curtis.”   WH, Kingsport, TN

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