Michael Jackson: A Time of Troubles

by | Feb 7, 2005 | Celebrities

I’m sure if MJ were to come to me for a reading (I’d charge full price); he may not like what I would say to him.  It just does not look good for Michael Jackson for the foreseeable future, at least to his outer human self. 

Of course the “bad” will be to his ego, and all his other temporal attachments; the deepmost part of his being however may be feeling some sort of gladness.  Pride, however, dies hard indeed; and he may exert a lot of personal energy and spend vast amounts of money to defend himself or to justify his existence. 

A little bit later this decade or the next we may see a more humble and hopefully softened MJ in a better light due to the action of his astrology upon him, but we’ll see. 

But let’s revisit his chart.  He’s a Taurus Ascendant, ruled by Venus; he’s very sensual and physical, he loves to surround himself with luxury.  With Venus his ascendant’s dispositor, in Cancer he’s very sensitive and visionary; conjunct Uranus he’s also very eccentric. 

MJ may have “problems” in relationships with Saturn in his house of partners and relationships; he may act in pathological way with them.  He may like people of significant age-difference. 

With the Sun in Leo and Mars in the ascendant he’s very assertive and aggressive.  The Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo only deepens his sense of self-importance, but also adds to his potential to act obsessively and/or be a victim himself of a very intense or domineering early-parental influence (which could ultimately cause one to act pathologically). 

In June of 2004 Michael entered a seven-year Ketu dasa (South Node period), and this is not the astrology of outer success; it is more like the astrology of frustration and ultimate disassociation from outer success.  This is obviously a very spiritual time for him and an opportunity to be set free from the encumbrances of the ego and such ephemeral, temporal things such as name, fame, and huge wealth. 

If he knew what is good for him, he’d take up meditation, yoga, and the intense study of scriptures; it may however, be a while before he gets there. 

Michael’s first Ketu sub-period is that of Venus, which started in November of 2004 and will last until January of 2006.  Venus is his ascendant ruler in the third house of personal courage and assertiveness, so it does not seem like he just going to lie down and submit to the accusations.  In a Venus period he may seem to be very personable and charming and he may be turning that on to full effect to get his way. 

The next sub-period will be the Sun from January 2006 to May of 06; during Sun period’s one’s personal authority and power may be challenged and one seems to rise to the occasion.  It will be very hard to put the ego down at this time, and therefore he may be striving to vindicate himself all the harder.  The Sun, however, is a malefic; and he may experience losses of reputation; and troubles via authority figures (such as judges) himself. 

The following sub-period will be that of the Moon from May of 2006 to December 2006, which in his chart is in the tenth house of public honor (or shame).  The Moon is nearly always a time of varying or fluctuating circumstances; MJ’s Moon is not especially well placed (nor its dispositor) and therefore he may experience more setbacks to his reputation, but he will be not be able to elude the spotlight of attention. 

MJ’s Moon in Aquarius indicates that he can be rather dry with his emotions at times, but it also highlights his “bizarre” nature which could get quite a workout during this time period. 

Then Michael moves into a Mars sub-period from December 06 to May 07, and the defiant self-assertion looks to continue with MJ possibly going overboard.  MJ’s Mars debilitated in Taurus, and as the ruler of his twelfth house indicates losses and even imprisonment. 

MJ’s Narayana dasas, which very accurately highlighted his life to date, indicate a clear turn into difficult territory for him lasting for the better part of this decade and possible through 2011 with Vimshottari dasas incorporated also.  It is therefore during the next decade that things turn back around to success and good fortune in the 2010’s. 

Western cycles corroborating the above Vedic cycles are transiting Uranus in this tenth house of fame, reputation, and success is opposing his natal Sun in Leo down in the fourth house of his inner private world.  The influence of Uranus would tend to make him defiant to authority and willing to push the envelope in order to justify his individuality. 

The 2005 Jupiter return for MJ will not be as fortunate as some people may expect since Jupiter is the ruler of his eighth house, a very malefic area in anyone’s chart.  The effect here may be to cause MJ to be influenced to take bigger risks than necessary, almost deluded with his own power; but to end up being quite engulfed in trouble almost more than he can handle. 

A couple significant times for 2005 could be March and April 2005 as the following things happen in MJ’s astrology: solar arc Moon opposes Neptune, solar arc Jupiter opposes the ascendant, and secondary progressed Moon conjuncts his Sun (a secondary progressed New Moon).  During this time truth could be the first victim as the battle of perceptions, beliefs, and philosophies may be at issue; MJ’s encounters with women could be problematical, and relationships in general (including that with the public) could give trouble or cause him to be lead astray somehow. 

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April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
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