Mel Gibson and “The Passion”

by | Feb 24, 2004 | Celebrities

Mel Gibson’s much praised and criticized movie, The Passion, comes out today.  Mel Gibson The Passion

This premiere coincides exactly with the line up of the Moon, Mars, and the North Node conjunct in sidereal Aries exactly square to Neptune in sidereal Capricorn.

The Passion is Gibson’s typically intense perspective on the last day of Christ before and leading up to his crucifixion.  If anyone has seen any one of Mel Gibson’s other movies through his production company Icon Productions, they have a lot of intensity and violence.  I’ll examine some of his chart in this article later on.

As  I previously wrote in the Astro-Success column for the period right now:

Monday, February 23, 2004
Could be an intense two or three days spreading over to Wednesday.  Fateful configurations of malefics (planets that deliver negative karma) could pull things to their lowest common level, but at the same time demand out of them realism and a coming to truth that enables the higher nature of the self to spread its wings and fly.  Behind seemingly the most mundane and base events is to be found the impelling of matter and energy to move towards its highest and best desire.  If molecules and electrons can feel and move in such ways; think how human beings, the most complex and organized systems of matter and energy on earth, can move under such influences.  Over the next few days the struggle may be for the power of the soul (self) represented by Mars and how it can overcome and conquer lesser concepts (illusory, represented by Neptune) that can actually subvert, degrade, or delay the manifestation of its true nature.  The pure expression, of course, of Mars and Neptune is to be LOVE in ACTION.  Relationships can also be an integral factor.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Neptune square Node, Venus semisquare Uranus)

While at the same time we have the California gay marriage free-for-all, with sanctimonious spoutings on both sides of the issue going on; we are also having this unique media event premiering.  There are reports of intense spiritual experiences by movie goers, and at the same time vitriolic condemnations by supposedly more sophisticated movie reviewers.

At any rate people, we have a very clear example of the power of Mars (in its rulership in Aries) in our lives, the square from Neptune highlights the ephemeral, illusory nature of the film event; it is a tale that touches our souls and our higher natures.

I have not yet seen the film; and when I do I will be sure to publish a review; I will say right now that I think Gibson’s faith is true and that he indeed risked quite a lot of his own money to make this movie, and he and his family have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because of it.  In a clearly un-spiritual world that we live in, one that churns out a tremendous amount anti-light movies, TV, and music; the soul of humanity is still strong.

Mel Gibson’s Astrology

Mel Gibson Horoscope

Mel Gibson Horoscope, Sidereal Zodiac

Mel is a Gemini, talkative and bright; with a Jupiter-ruled Sun in philosophical Sagittarius (according to Vedic astrology).  Mel is a fighter and a man of significance, his chart ruler (Ascendant ruler), Mercury is in grim Capricorn in the intense eighth house.

Mel’s Mars is also very strong in Scorpio in the 6th house, making him one with the ability to carry his agenda to completion; but it is frustrated to a great degree by a conjunction with Saturn.  Mel may at times lash out vindictively and ferociously.

Typically with movie actors, he has Pisces on the cusp of the 10th house; his 10th house ruler, Jupiter is also the ruler of his Sun sign (Jupiter is the dispositor of his Sun); and Mel’s Jupiter falls in the argumentative third house conjunct no less than Pluto. The tenth ruler conjunct Pluto also attributes great personal charisma and magnetism to the subject. 

In this next chart graphic, you can see how the Mars/Node/Neptune lineup falls against his natal planets; and you can see that transiting Neptune falls exactly on his Venus, which is his twelfth house ruler that is in the turbulent eighth house.  It looks like the Vedic/sidereal positions scored a bull’s eye with this one.

Transiting Saturn in opposition to his Sun wouldn’t be doing much to take the pressure off either.  This year was also a Jupiter return for him, which in trine to his Sun allowed some breathing room and protection to him.

Transiting Pluto moving into square to his Midheaven from the seventh house promises
more notoriety to come in the next few years.

The true Scorpio nature of his planets will be coming out during this time: adversity giving him VISION and TRANSFORMATION.  It could be very interesting to see what Mel will be doing after this Passion furor dies down.

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