Martha Stewart Pt 3: She Comes Out Swinging

by | Mar 7, 2005 | Celebrities

Martha Stewart has just been released from her minimum security prison stay, and she comes out swinging.  She has multiple television deals in the works, the stock in her company is up again, and she has become a crusader of sorts for first time offenders. 

Recapping the major points of her chart; she is Libra rising and very much into beauty, harmony, and charm.  She has the Sun in Cancer, which is a decidedly female archetype sign of the homemaker and creator of warmth; further Martha’s Cancer Sun is prominently placed in the tenth house indicating that she would be well known for her concern with homey matters. 

Martha’s Ascendant ruler, Venus is in regal Leo; and thus she been rightly or wrong accused of being a dictatorial queen-like figure in her company.  Just the same she could be cited for being magnanimously generous and likeable.  Her Venus in the eleventh house also would indicate that she has the clear ability to bring about financial gains in her life. 

Deeper Vedic astrology measurements show her to be indeed tough where she needs to be in being the CEO of a major corporation, and can get the job done. 

The North Node in her chart is in fastidious Virgo put almost an obsessive attention to detail on her part, and its position falling in the twelfth house of her chart could indicate some kind of karmic liability to be a victim of conspiracies, or need to do some time in an “institution” such as a prison.  This position of the North Node in her chart would also indicate that she implements practical measures to assist humanity philanthropically. 

Martha’s released occurred in the Moon sub-dasa (antara-dasa) in her astrology.  Martha’s Moon is strongly placed in the third house, and being the tenth house ruler indicates that this time period (from 1-12-2005 to 7-13-2006) will be quite active and self-promotional on her part. 

As she was released also transiting Jupiter moved into exact opposition to her natal Mars indicating that she indeed was flush with excitement and enthusiasm for bold new adventures. 

Transiting Pluto have moved into her third house and will be there for quite some time (13-14 years) and will very much corroborate other indications that she will be heavily involved in self-promotion affairs.  In the next 12-24 months Pluto will also be conjuncting her Moon, and this could deeply punctuate this phase of her life causing her to maybe reassess her priorities and allow deeply stirring changes to occur in her life. 

The next major period (maha dasa) of her life will begin in August of 2007, where she enters a 16 year Jupiter period.  Such a time for her presages certainly continued growth and expansion, but maybe also wild financial and personal fluctuations in her life.  Continued challenges would seem to be on the horizon for an extended time but at that same time it is indicated that she will be pulling out amazing deep and powerful personal resources to effect change in her world; which hopefully will be in an honest and humanitarian nature. 

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