Mars Kicking Up the Dust

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Astrology for the Week of October 5, 2009

Mars Kicks Up the DustThe planetary picture this week features the periodic conjunction of Mars with the Nodal axis, coming to exactness around Friday, October 9, 2009.  Dates are hazy because the Nodes are not real planets but the intersections of the orbits of the Sun and Moon seen from the earth that are regarded as planets in astrology.  The Node’s exact position has two main ways to determine it, the mean and the true and both seem to work at different times.

In this article I am using the sidereal positions of the planets, and I am heavily influenced in my interpretations by Vedic astrology.

For more info about the Nodes you can go to my previous article on them.  The Nodes have a distinct karmic/spiritual linking quality to them.  In Western astrology (especially the Ebertin Cosmobiology School, which was a very early and powerful influence on me) the Nodes coincide with important connections between two or more people.

In the East the meanings attached to the Nodes are more difficult to convey, let alone understand.  I regard the Nodes as rather malefic, but intensely important points, which when touched off propel one closer to one’s true destiny.  The Nodes are allegedly more powerful than the Sun and Moon in a chart because they have the power to eclipse them.

The North Node (also called Rahu) has a decidedly ambitious, desire-stimulating nature to it; whereas the South Node (called Ketu) has a very separative, distaste-producing nature.  In the higher spiritual connotation desire produces attachment, which is disfavored in Eastern spirituality.  Distaste or dissatisfaction comes from the bitterness of human experiences after having become involved in so much worldly living.  Detachment is the idealized state of mind according to the Eastern philosophy.

In a very broad way you can regard the North Node (Rahu) as attachment, and the South Node (Ketu) as detachment.  By extension you can imagine the experiences Ketu brings to be typically more difficult, but much more sublimely rewarding.

The Western mind has a harder time embracing a philosophy of disassociation or separation from worldly things.  We pour so much time, energy, and all of our resources to build our outer identity with all its necessary physical adjuncts that to suddenly put them off is utterly alien to it, even “heretical”.

Yet the inevitability of the poisons of materiality work their way to the core of our beings and many times we are plucked out in the prime of our life by physical, emotion, mental, and financial breakdown.  Families and lives are destroyed by the hot pursuit of the worldly measures of success and accomplishment.  Supposedly Rahu makes you want to pursue them, while Ketu takes you out of that arena.

So this week Mars is now plowing through the sign of its debility, Cancer; and early on it will conjunct Ketu in the first part of October 2009; using the true Node calculation that will be on Oct. 9.  I can’t say this is very good astrologically speaking, none of the planets involved or their dispositors are in a good state.  I recall on 9-11-2001 Mars and the Nodes were conjunct.

There could be a coming together of people with clear undercurrents of anger, unrequited desire, and habits which could be characterized as impetuous.  Mars is always interested in doing things and hopefully with a constructive goal in mind.  However it is debilitated in Cancer, which is more concerned with people feeling happy, safe, and secure; which if anything could be the last thing Mars wants.

It should be said that this is one of the more clearly malefic configurations possible at any time; so a word to the wise about accident, injuries, mechanical breakdown, arguments and conflicts, and other big and little human catastrophes should be enough.

Some of the negatives associated with Mars in Cancer could be continuing to hold on to anger, a not clearly defined restlessness, or just out and out anger with no particular reason only that it’s there.  Some of the uglier sides of human nature may come out, more proactive people though may find themselves doing some strong cathartic activity such as cleaning up the house or deep psychological work.  Cancer addresses the emotions and concerns closer to the home, Mars like to stir things up. If you’ll recall, taking a broom to the basement floor kicks up a lot of dust.

Day by Day:

Monday, Oct 5
Communications in relationships are favored; relationships with an emphasis on communication may come about.  (Mercury opposite Juno)

Tuesday, Oct 6
Relationships and the activity of connectedness are accentuated; there should be a strong sense of cordiality and teamwork.  (Sun contraparallel Venus, Mars trine Juno)

Wed-Thurs, Oct 7-8
A pessimistic influence may come over affairs; there could be blockages or difficulties in communications.  (Mercury parallel/conjunct Saturn)

Friday, Oct 9
Potentially quite an active day; strong potential for accidents, injuries, conflicts, etc.  Relationships will be stimulated, along with any kind of active involvement.  Be careful of danger from misunderstandings, deceptions, or overall confusion.  (Mars conjunct South Node, Venus opposite Uranus/Juno, Venus quincunx Neptune, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Saturday, Oct 10
While at some point today there could be moments of painful realizations and foreboding revelations; there will also be present and upward impelling, electrifying spiritual current that can be directed to good fortune.  An over-optimism may distort the true perception of things, nevertheless making a very interesting day.  (Sun trine Jupiter, Mercury square Pluto)

Sunday, Oct 11
There may be the temptation to abuse power and authority for a sort of obsessive ego gratification, and appropriateness may go out the window.  At some point also the tendency to exaggerate, bend the truth some, and to want to persuade others with one’s ideas will be activated; spirituality and creativity will be enhanced also.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Monday, Oct 12
Unusual, but possibly short-lived relationship situations may come about; but there may be a background inhibiting influence which can bring out pathological attitudes in relationships.  Focused determination will be enhanced, allowing more ambitious tasks to get done.  (Venus parallel Saturn, Juno conjunct Uranus, Mars sextile Saturn)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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