March 19-26, 2007: Getting OUT OF THE BOX

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If the last few weeks were the introduction to this period of “woes” I have been speaking about; this week starts the first chapter.  The US is living on a cloud of air, inflated perceptions, valuations, and monetary policies.  This may sound very pessimistic and unpatriotic to some, but I am neither.  Read your history, think and read OUTSIDE THE BOX. 

If the last few weeks were the introduction to this period of “woes” I have been speaking about; this week starts the first chapter.  From Thursday, March 22 to Sunday March 25 the incendiary planet Mars will be in powerful aspect to Saturn and Neptune; connecting up, if you will, the larger astrological forces in this configuration. 

The Mars/Saturn bodes not well for those vulnerable to pain and misfortune.  A feeling of frustration and pent up rage could build and explode outward.  Structures ruled by Saturn may receive the unfortunate buffets of Mars’ unchained heat. 

The Neptune factor here involves disclarity of thinking, blurred rationales, and spiritual/religious colorations to the effects.  Neptune also can have the effect of diffusing or dissipating the above psychological elements as well, creating a cloud of confusion to settle, which can be the open door to pessimism and depression to ensue. 

The US stock market, including the sub prime mortgage industry, has already started to falter and stumble; foreshadowing the above astrological configurations.  Maybe further internal problems will come out causing further shakes in the market.  Maybe the effects will be more fully brought out as the intrisically emotional markets react (amplified by the astrology); as they say, it is the emotions that make or break a thing. 

The global political situation that seems to drive the leaders of this nation, may then force their hand.  Smaller nationalist entities (such as Iran) standing in the way of the US government global plans suddenly become a major threat to their existence.  Since the US dollar is heavily dependent on the worldwide perception of viability, nations like Iran that are declaring intentions to make oil sales in non-dollar-denominated currencies could start the house of cards that is the US economy to shake and fall. 

Sorry to say it, but the US is living on a cloud of air: inflated perceptions, valuations, and monetary policies.  This is of course very Neptunian and is doomed to crash painfully to the ground.  House values, stock equities, and other present sources of value seem to be poised for a major correction…down.  If any SWN readers are heavily invested in such inflated assets, such as a home or stocks, be apprised of the precarious nature of your "investment."

If you’re plugged in to the media marketing machine though, you are told that everything is fine.  Trouble is, is that it is all based on paper promises literally.  The government creates money magically out of thin air by merely printing up more dollars, if only everything were that easy.

Truth is, the government produces money and not wealth; labor, products and services, and commodities (things that are real and valued) are coming more and more from cheap foreign sources.  What passes for value in America today is really indebtedness (easy loans to spark business) that fuels stock market and real estate prices.  I won’t try to educate you all about this; but in a nutshell, vapory treasures lead to unfulfilled expectations and more than a few “woes.” 

If the Iraq/Iran situation keeps smoldering and burning as it is, I am very convinced that this week or early next we should have a much clearer idea of whether any new Middle Eastern wars will erupt.  As I have tried to elucidate before, wars almost never happen in a vacuum, without being “nudged” along.  It is a very profitable business and should not be left to chance.  This may sound very pessimistic and unpatriotic to some, but I am neither.  Read your history, think and read OUTSIDE THE BOX. 

On Tuesday, March 31, Pluto turns retrograde.  Usually whenever Pluto is stressed the entire world resounds, someone or something is shaken to their roots.  With all the astrological configurations building in a relatively short time frame, it can be seen that the cumulatively build upon each other.  In later April as Mars conjuncts Uranus and the Nodes in the sensitive sign of Aquarius (because its ruler Saturn is currently debilitated) some definite changes may affect large numbers of people, at least stirring them to affirm their common interests as a group.

Along with the Aquarius configuration this could be an assault on paradigms of thought, propagandistic campaigns designed to overrule and control our attitudes and opinions may be involved (which are not very subtle already).  Who and what is right, what is truth and the lie, etc.; could all be subjects of very aggressive rhetoric.  This is one of the possible manifestations peaking in April 2007. 

If you’re feeling concurrently “down” this week, remember that it is not all from you.  Environmental (astrological) conditions affect you positively or negatively, amplifying relative conditions within your psyche.  The way to counter act depression is to take action, remind yourself that you have the power (since you are a son or daughter of the universal creator), and things always seem worse than they really are.  Getting “depressed” can be a valid first step to getting to reality; if you engage the totality of your energies in application to a solution, depression cannot grip you for long. 

This week the Spring Equinox hits, days and night of exactly equal duration.  In paganistic circles equinoxes are regarded as sacred times, and so they should.  The symbolism of the cycles of life turn, and since symbols are literally charged with energy there will be an effect on us.  It affects our seasons, bodies, and societies.  In the West a zodiac (seemingly a shadow of the real zodiac in the sky) came to be formed around the equinoxes, its results prove to be rather weak but the celestial events themselves should be recognized. 

Mon, Mar 19:
The Sun and Pluto interact sharply today. The power of the ego to dominate and intimidate may seem very strong, bringing out as much the fear of domination in the aggressor as with the victim.  Beware of the "ends justifies the means" attitude today, or the feeling one can act as one wills (recklessly) with impunity.  Some things may go boom or collapse as the plutonic destruction cycles come due.  A select few however, may use situations today as a springboard to personal resolution and progress.  The power of ideas and the voice to give them life may be very strong today, be careful that the enthusiasm sparked off does not overly amplify the benefits of situations.  Relationship situations may come about late in the day.  (Sun square Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Very seemingly beautiful feelings may be coming out regarding people and/or situations.  Caution needs to be exercised though on whether these feelings are actually subtle means of human escapism and co-dependency propagation.  Nevertheless artistic and refined sensibilities should be favored.  (Venus quintile Neptune)

Wed, Mar 21
Much like yesterday the accuracy of love may be questionable, but nevertheless cordiality should be amplified.  Social, cultural, and spiritual edification may be amplified as well from contacts and events.  Be careful about sparing no expense in the pursuit of pleasure, happiness, or a certain feeling of contentment.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Thur, Mar 22
Frustration and difficulties may be high right now, demanding patience where there is little.  Deep pains born of a sense of helplessness may emerge, even physical pains and suffering.  If possible stay out of danger areas and take care with exerting your body; joints, bones, and muscles are vulnerable.  More on this configuration in the overview section.  (Mars opposite Saturn)

Fri, Mar 23
Adventurism may be strong today, leaping into the fray with hardly a moment’s consideration.  A lot of bluster and swagger may be easily coming up.  But if push comes to shove, are you willing to give it?  Is an overblown ego and grandiose plans just a mask for insecurity.  Nevertheless the heat of action and the passion to achieve should be well amplified, whatever the underling motivations.  (Mars sextile Jupiter)

Sat, Mar 24
Ouch, those stone of stumbling can sure puncture the ego’s pride, causing an hour or two of fret and self-indulgent wound licking.  The ego properly lanced then, can move out of lesser levels of selfishness to greater responsibility and realism in the plane of worldly action.  Problems are not something to be feared, but as opportunities to have our shortcomings reflected back on us so we see where improvement is needed.  Saturn’s influence here serves to bring about proactiveness.  Attitudes and personal energies may be thus burdened as well.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sun, Mar 25
Getting out of bed, acting appropriately, and standing for truth and justice may be hard to do today.  Be careful of malicious deception and a similar form of self-deception.  Many times the problem is not in doing what is demanded of you; the problem is wanting and feeling able that you can do bold things when they are demanded of you.  It is always easy to be a hero when every body else is or when you feel at the peak of strength and self-confidence; but then you wouldn’t be a hero, would you?  (Mars conjunct Neptune)

Mon, Mar 26
The self’s sense of identity at this time may be rather thin; it could be easily vulnerable to external subjective influences; or it may feel a temptation to act deceitfully.  Vague, negative influences may seem more real at this time, and the sensitivity to confusion and self-belittlement may be activated.  Be careful of escapist or addictive behaviors.  (Sun semisquare Neptune)

April Celestial Events

April 1, Moon on Antares/Aldebaran Axis
April 4, Last Quarter Moon
April 6, Moon conj Saturn
April 7, Moon conj Jupiter
April 12, New Moon
April 14, Moon at Apogee
April 17, Moon conj (occults) Mars
April 19, Mercury at Superior Conjunction
April 20, First Quarter Moon
April 22, Lyrid Meteor Shower
April 27, Mercury at Perihelion and Super Full Moon
April 29, Moon conj Antares
April 30, Sun conj Uranus

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