030909graph.gif Detailed astrology for this week including new free transits graph.  

This is a quieter week astrologically compared to some recent weeks, graph posted at bottom.  

Sun, Mar 8
This is quite an intense and complex day, most likely surrounded by a lot of anxiety, confusion, and suffering; physically as well as otherwise.  Delays, accidents, and injuries are possible; as well as susceptibility to illness.  (Mars in Aquarius conjunct Neptune, Sun in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo, Mercury in Aquarius semisquare Venus in Pisces retrograde)

Mon, March 9
No peaking influences

Tue, March 10
The ability to persuade and use the mind or voice to affect others will be strongly amplified, just be sure not to misuse the power that you have, only to have it karmically reduced thereafter.  (Mercury in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius)

Wed, March 11

Opportunities for social and cultural growth will be present, be sure to not let the money or other personal resources that you have so easily fly out of your pocket on questionable transactions.  Uranus shifts once again to sidereal Pisces, signaling changes in the social consciousness to less materialistic issues.  (Venus in Pisces retrograde sextile Jupiter in Capricorn)

Thur, March 12
Sudden and status quo shattering motivations or events may come about.  You may be thinking more today about how you can contribute to the world’s richness by your unique gifts.  (Sun in Pisces conjunct Uranus)

Fri, March 13
Issues of personal power, fate, and destiny may be brought out through connections, situations, and events.  Relationships should be spiced up, the frictions between people which otherwise can be irritating today might seem somehow very fascinating. (Sun in Pisces semisquare Node, Venus in Pisces retrograde semisquare Mars in Aquarius)

Sat, March 14
No peaking influences

Sun, March 15
No peaking influences

Mon, March 16
No peaking influences

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Mercury, God of Thieves

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