Tue, Mar 6
Very powerful emotions can be experienced today within the context of relationships, but also in the depths of appreciation.  These feelings could be manipulated by others, uncovering what is in effect the greatest of unkindnesses.  Significant connections between people will be occurring, the feeling of spiritual and higher forces directing one’s course should be obvious.  Major turns in the course of life-paths are possible today.  (Sun conjunct North Node, Venus tridecile Pluto)

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Wed, Mar 7
The green light is on, Mercury; the planet ruling day-to-day business affairs reverts to normal forward motion.  Mental and verbal activity should be high; a surprising amount of work can be done infused with mental eagerness.  (Mercury stationary direct)

Thur & Fri, Mar 8-9
Over the next two days Venus connects up Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune by harmonious aspects.  This is positive for relationships, happiness, and love in general.  What seems beautiful may also seem workable and viable!  Of course Venus is only a passing influence, and other more severe planets will be interacting soon, but Thursday into Friday looks rather positive and friendly.  Venus in Pisces can have the effect of sublime compassion and love.  The Sun squaring Jupiter also will have the effect of raising expectations (maybe unrealistically so) and amplifying egoistic bombast-ism (new word I just coined.)  All in all, in the face of greater, deeper, and more unsettling forces at work astrologically; the first part of the weekend may be felt like an island of serenity amidst a greater ocean of anxiety.  (Venus trine Jupiter and Saturn, sextile Neptune; Sun square Jupiter)

Sat, Mar 10
Yesterdays island of peace and illumination could swiftly change into a situation of rising tensions and anxiety.  Obstacles and delays may help to bring about a sense of helplessness, uncertainty, and fear.  It is the accompanying feelings that make a situation what it really is; so the tendency to magnify negatives may distort the perception of reality.  In other areas important relationship situations may come about; the question of whom and what is in control may be at issue.  (Sun quincunx Saturn, biquintile Juno)

Sun, Mar 11
A rather interesting and remarkable aspect forms between Venus, Mars, and the Nodes.  It would seem that the more visceral and baser aspect of relationships may be demanding attention.  Passion, sexuality, and the question of love in relationships look to be activated.  Passion may rule human affairs at times, but humans are meant to be ruled by more than their passions.  Reason and higher spiritual priorities were meant to be the lot of man; sometimes relationships and their energies seem to rule our lives rather tyrannically.  Basically, Venus and Mars quintile each other, and both make a biquintile to the South Node (and a decile to the North Node); fifth harmonic aspects like this are supposedly less harsh and more conducive to creative solutions. 

Mon, Mar 12
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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