Mar 13-19, 2007: Separating Winners from Losers

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Aside from a few clearly defined jolts in life seen astrologically, a few more “islands” of rather pleasant and beneficial configurations will be occurring this week which everyone should benefit from, especially over…..



While we are together moving towards astrologically fateful dates (which I have painstakingly enumerated in my report “Flashpoints 2007: Part 1” for all SWN members) a few more “islands” of rather pleasant and beneficial configurations will be occurring this week, especially over Tuesday and Friday, March 13 and 16. 

We all have our challenges and the pressure of them upon our psyches can draw out innate pessimism in us, so much so that we miss out on the lighter moments.   But on some level I think everybody, even the “moodiest” of us, will be able to experience and appreciate the effects of these benefics this week. 

Then later on Sunday the 18th, the Sun and Moon come together over the North Node creating a solar eclipse.  The fourfold coming together of the Nodes and the Sun and Moon are always times of spiritual/karmic significance; and together will larger astrological cycles coming due eclipses can portend major historical moments, just as they did in the summer of 1990 with the start of the first US/Iraq war. 

Maybe nothing will happen, at least observably.  But if you track the movements of the planets like I do you will see that astrology makes more hits than it does misses.  The alignments of multiple carrier groups in the Persian Gulf, separatist movements in Iraq (helped by US interests), troops and materials being redeployed in Iraq, 200 Patriot missiles sent to the Middle East, and a defiant Iranian government would seem to imply a course of events without the assistance of astrology. 

They say those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.  For those who don’t listen to the voice of reason and mercy, surely will answer to the word of severity by the manifestation of the hammer of karma.  Maybe the word of reason and mercy is not through yet, let’s hope so.  We don’t want war, there is almost always a better way. 

So along with the pleasantries I have outlined in this Astro-Success, a good bit of malefics (astrologically intense) energies peak out at the same time.  It is aspects like these however that separates the “winners” from the “losers”.  The winners acknowledge, adjust and deal with the situations that malefics present finding tremendous untapped energy sources within in so doing; the loser basically whine, moan, and cry and sink further into their self-created holes.  Expect a lot of this to manifest over Thursday, March 15 and the Sun and Saturn quintile each other. 

Tue, Mar 13
Over the next two days Venus and Mars will be aspecting Juno in the sky, so relationships with all their love and passion will be surging.  This could be a time to observe when relationship dynamics will either assist or impede personal development.  Relationships can be a convenient way to avoid work on yourself, relationships have a unique way of locking us into certain way of life, which may or may not be what is real for us.  Nevertheless the effect of Venus on Juno today should help to see the compatibilities to our relationships.  (Venus opposite Juno)

Wed, Mar 14
No peaking influence today.

Thur, Mar 15:
Two more connections to Juno today indicate more relationship developments, especially power distributed therein and how people can work together.  Passion and some physicality in relationships may come up, but it is almost like when excess goal-directed energy is unchanneled it comes out as sex.  Significantly also problems and their associated emotions are likely to come up.  You have to ask with regards to problems and their attendant emotions; which came first, as it were, the chicken or the egg.  Well one thing you can change is your thinking.  A little bit of mental reprogramming motivation may be had today.  Remember and put these things in your mind: all trouble returns home by the law of karma, there is no external source of your misfortunes, and it is all inside you.  Change it; it is as simple as that.  Your life will change significantly soon enough, even with just your attitudes.  (Sun biquintile Saturn, Mars tridecile Juno, Sun quincunx Juno)

Fri, Mar 16:
Early on the urge to make things happen, even at all costs, should be very strong.  People may not act nicely towards each other at this time, since everything may be seen as a means to an end.  Extreme aggression and intensity is possible, just be sure your energies are not directed in ways that you might regret down the road.  Neverthless there are some very flowing and harmonious planetary connections manifesting today, life should have a more relaxed tone to it today.  Relationships, communications, and cordiality should be enhanced.  The degree of Pluto's influence today could still serve to offset the balance reason has to emotion.  There could be also an underlying compulsive and obsessive theme in today's interactions.  There should be an overarcing theme of ethics and honor with the trine of Saturn and Jupiter perfecting today.  (Mars semisquare Pluto, Jupiter trine Saturn, Mercury sextile Venus trine Pluto, Venus trine Pluto)

Sat, Mar 17:
Later in the day the idea of relationships and connections and they reflect each other's commonality should be present.  Love is friendship as it is enything else.  Trying to hold onto someone or of exclusively possessing that relationship certainly will not work well today.  Sudden, exciting connections can occur.  (Venus semisquare Uranus)

With the eclipse of the Moon two weeks ago, where I took a very painful crash to the ground on my tailbone snow sledding with my son; things do not always work out as one would like right under eclipses, they just seem to have malefic effects.  Relationships may take a turn for the worse today.  Worse, of course, is a relative attribution of the mind to a particular subject; what is worse with terminal finality to one couple, will be beneficial in the long run to another couple.  Test and problems come to us not because the Universe or God hates us, but because the same sources bring us to points that affirm our love and commitment to one another, that the problems WILL NOT eclipse what is good in our lives and connections.  Take care today, be careful of stressful or dangerous situations.  Over yesterday, today, and tomorrow pivotal events may manifest on the world stage.  (Venus tridecile Saturn, Venus semisquare Node, Moon conjunct Sun eclipse)

Mon, Mar 19:
The Sun and Pluto interact sharply today. The power of the ego to dominate and intimidate may seem very strong, bringing out as much the fear of domination in the aggressor as with the victim.  Beware of the "ends justifies the means" attitude today, or the feeling one can act as one wills (recklessly) with impunity.  Some things may go boom or collapse as the plutonic destruction cycles come due.  A select few however, may use situations today as a springboard to personal resolution and progress.  The power of ideas and the voice to give them life may be very strong today, be careful that the enthusiasm sparked off does not overly amplify the benefits of situaitons.  (Sun square Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

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