Many Relationship Connections

by | Jan 19, 2010 | Predictions

Monday, Jan 18
Love connections are accentuated.  (Venus quintile Juno)

Tues, Jan 19
Relationships, cordiality and passion are emphasized. Biological agendas may try to run the show with others. (Mercury parallel Venus, Venus contraparallel Mars)

Wed, Jan 20
There may be moments of alarm, hysteria, or urgency; and the pace of life could get a little frantic but hopefully purposefully so. Connections of a competitive, passionate, or emotionally-angry nature are emphasized. (Mercury biquintile Mars, Mars trine Juno)

Thurs, Jan 21
Important connections and relationships are emphasized; the distribution of power in relationships may be brought to attention. (Sun quintile Juno)

Fri, Jan 22
Relationships may slow to a cautious crawl, however purposeful and meaningful connections may be forming. Relationships of distinct age-difference are noted. (Venus trine Saturn)

Sat, Jan 23
No peaking influences

Sun, Jan 24
While some aspects of life today may be meaningfully slowed down, it may be possible to find balance, practicality, and shrewdness to your actions. But in other ways self-deceit and self-deception are distinct possibilities; be careful of seeing not what is really there but you would like to see (projecting your fanciful hopes and dreams onto people and situations). The reading of important details may be at risk, which is a danger to operating machinery, etc. (Sun trine Saturn, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Mon, Jan 25
There may be moments of stressed out urgency and alarm, even the possibility haste causing accidents and injury; but for a time the pace of life may go from lukewarm to white hot suddenly. Equally, relationships of an unusual (disparate types of individuals coming together) or sudden (and quickly ending) nature may come about. The key to letting them happen successfully is not to let tendencies to clutch at or to be possessive of others come out. (Mercury contraparallel and quincunx Mars, Venus semisquare Uranus, Juno parallel Uranus)

Curtis Burns

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