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by | Dec 1, 2003 | Current Events

This is an alternative picture of the future through the use of the sidereal zodiac.  Many astrologers here in the West have tried to present a glimpse into the future by explaining the transits of the outer planets through the normal western tropical zodiac. I have found those attempts to be rather unexciting, clichéd, and not very believable; especially so when one really takes a physical look at the trends of the times.  The sidereal zodiac, the actual constellations in the sky, however, offers some interesting and exciting alternatives. These are long term predictions…..

2002 to 2009
Uranus moving into Aquarius
Uranus’ new location will probably coincide with very strong socio-political emotions on the part of the world’s population.  Freedom of information and exchange may become very strong in the minds of people and endeavors.  The Internet may become even more powerful in its effect on the world. 

One of the things with the Internet is that one can have a freer voice on the world scene in a way that is both easy and hard to police.  Just look at me!! 

Science and technology may, if it survives the economic reckoning of Saturn and Pluto above, flourish in an unprecedented manner.  New and expanded ideas of freedom and individuality may take hold and create permanent “new age” paradigms of thought. 

Totalitarianism, a la Russia and China, may have a harder time with “acceptance” in people’s minds.  Totalitarianists will have to adapt to the times, something I don’t think they will manage. 

On the other extreme, anarchists may have their day during this time, creating an “anti-order” which is “no-order”, chaos, and revolution for its own sake; thus people may need to take precautions.  Uranus in Aquarius could serve to create a general feeling of instability. 

But during times of transition, even major ones, is there not instability until the new way of things takes hold? 

2005 to 2019

Pluto in Sagittarius

With Pluto in Scorpio: power and money has been the rule.  The rich became extremely rich, stock markets rose to the skies, and governments and “governors” have amassed great amounts of power; even while third world nations languished and fell to the wayside.  While I do not have the time to tell the story in full, war became a means only to establish more power and control; witness the Gulf War, and now our war against “terrorism”.  The full destructive ends of these paths have yet to be seen. 

Pluto in Sagittarius however surely will be a great struggle and fight for supremacy of RULING IDEALOGIES.  Will it be Judeo-Christianity or Islam, old-school fundamentalism or New Age Freedom and Self-empowerment? 

It is going to be VERY INTERESTING. 

Therefore, in 2020 as Pluto enters Capricorn (and it will do so in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn) for the next 20 or so years, the very STRUCTURE of society will be transformed; it will be a lot of work. 
I suppose the transformation will occur in one of two Plutonic way: it will be obliterated and we will have to “build up from the ruins”; or there will be a controlled de-construction concurrent with a “resurrection-transformation” of the parts of society that are still good. 


1995 to 2008

Neptune in Capricorn

I believe this configuration coincides with the “fiddling while Rome burns” syndrome so prevalent in the upper echelons of society today.  If one can ignore or delude oneself about the true state of the world perpetually, then one can continue to build their castle in the sky. 

Also this corresponds to the amazing continual attitude that all is well in America (an illusion perpetuated by the financial world and government) and we can continue investing and spending and expanding.  The key here is that one ESCAPES from reality by remaining in a sort of capitalist dream-fantasy. 

Eventually one awakes from such dreams with a thud. 

Actually, according to the sidereal zodiac, Neptune is only halfway through Capricorn at about 14 degrees; there is much to go here.  It may start to become more socially acceptable (Capricorn) to be known as one who compassionately serves (Neptune). 

We may see our inevitable economic downturn (or worse) as a sort of penance (Neptune) that we must go through. 

As Neptune therefore moves into Aquarius in 2008, more refined strains of brotherhood may enter our consciousness in addition to Uranus’ stirring of the past 6 years (from 2002), and catapult us even farther into a truly enlightened and spiritually sensitized new age promoting ideals of art, love, and Divine Sublimity. 

Let it be known that in about 2021 Neptune will enter the sign of its rulership, Pisces, and the concept of Divine Sublimity, already touched on from Neptune’s stay in Aquarius 12 years previous, WILL ONLY JUST BEGIN and a most magnificent period of Divine Love and Spirituality may occur. 

Back closer to the present:

2002 to 2004

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn, comparatively to the outer planets written of above, just zips through the signs.  So after a period of possible material discomforts and contractions in Taurus, Saturn will move into Gemini in 2002 until 2004; and this will coincide I believe with a sort of pessimism in the news, maybe the discussions of lessons learned and maybe a seriousness of outlook very possibly engendered by recessions, depressions, and the like of previous years. 

Then Saturn will move into the sign of its detriment Cancer for about another 2 ½ years, coinciding with a more deeper emotional seriousness and contemplation, and even coldness.  Work may be required on issues of the contentment and security of the people.  Bad feelings could bring on bad things, but a nation and world that is willing to work on its emotional roots will be stronger in the long run.  


Is this future presented by Vedic or Sidereal Astrology more in line with the actual course of events on earth? 

I think an amazing picture has been presented, one that I can realistically imagine.  I am at once tremendously excited, awed, and struggling to grasp the implications.  I almost see an outline or structure for the future to fall into. 

I know that the year 2012 is important according to the ancient Aztec calendar, having to do with something that escapes me at the moment, but I am also seeing a very important beginning inaugurated as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto simultaneously enter a cardinal sign, Capricorn, and not long after Neptune enters its sign of rulership, Pisces, in 2020. 

What more does this tell me? 

We do not have to hurry, hurry, hurry to get to a glorious new age.  We still have much time ahead of us, and it will not be like God in Heaven pushing a button that says “A New Age” at some specific time; it will be a PROCESS with no distinct beginnings or endings, that in phases (signs) we will consciously attain to. 

Heave ho!  The future awaits! 

Is this future presented by Vedic or Sidereal Astrology more in line with the actual course of events on earth? 

I suppose the transformation will occur in one of two Plutonic way: it will be obliterated and we will have to “build up from the ruins”; or there will be a controlled de-construction concurrent with a “resurrection-transformation” of the parts of society that are still good.

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