Little Kick in the Butt

by | Jun 15, 2010 | Predictions

Astrology Week of June 14, 2010: Sun Square Saturn

I’m running slightly late this week getting out the day by day readings, but the days of note will be Saturday, June 19, and Monday, June 21.   Monday definitely looks to be a more directly pleasant experience than Saturday, the 19th.Little Kick in the Butt, Sun square Saturn

Sometimes it’s the little things that get us, the bigger things pass us by but a relatively short term astrological influence seems to temporarily eclipse our sense of perspective.  So for a “moment” (an hour or two) total despair can tyrannize our consciousness and we have a little moment when we go “crazy”.  Then as soon as it came, it goes away and everything is back to normal.

Therefore on Saturday this week it may seem like a conspiracy of circumstances will be determined to destroy your joy.  The keyword though is “seem”, and a mountain of adversity may only be an anthill of trouble to someone of higher perspective.  During Sun/Saturn transits there is a tendency for an acute triggering of anxiety complexes within the psyche, but the “hell” they unleash is purely a subjective (internal) experience.

Almost always Sun/Saturn configurations coincide with difficult experiential situations having to do with lack, inadequacy, or the feeling of lack of control. Saturn’s style of teaching however is to highlight the shortcomings of our character, prescribing a little dose of humility, and a little kick in the butt to get moving on things already past due.

Tues, June 15
So-called dark or commonly misunderstood emotions may be strong.  Some may fall prey to depressed or latent pathological states of mind; however perseverance of concentration will bring clarity and heretofore mysterious issues to light.  (Mars trine Pluto, Mercury tridecile Saturn)

Wed, June 16
No peaking influences

Thurs, June 17
Emotions will run deep and the mind may easily be led to profitable avenues.  A subtle but powerful undercurrent of love will characterize the day, affecting outcomes for better or worse.  (Venus quincunx Pluto, Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Friday, June 18
Be sure to temper thinking and actions with an extra helping of common sense; things that seem so very right may in fact prove to be wrong upon analysis.  Nevertheless, spirituality and creativity should be stimulated.  Communications and discussions may be strongly colored by biases and the notion that “I am right because God is speaking to me directly”.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune)

Sat, June 19
This day could be afflicted by enthusiasm-taxing issues, a lot of weak points may be laid bare, and events may seem to not go right at all.  What is at issue though is predisposing inflexibilities, unwillingness to make adaptations, and the deceitful tendency of the mind to demonize other people, places, or things.  An unearthly upliftment is possible though, or a potential to enter into a larger sphere of perspective less limited by “rules”.  Toxic conditions may be aggravated. (Sun square Saturn, trine Neptune)

Sun, June 20
This day may be marked by a greater intolerance of obsolete social conventions, enough to cause a sudden shift in some people.  A sense of “anything can happen” may characterize the day.  (Sun square Uranus)

Mon, June 21
Be careful of the excesses of unbridled optimism and enthusiasm making you go off half cocked, fueled by hysterical desperation as much as anything else.  Emotions will run strong and deep, relationship dynamics may intensify.  Energies may reach a critical mass, as it were, to produce breakthroughs or breakdowns where appropriate.  (Sun square Jupiter, Venus biquintile Pluto, Mercury quintile Mars, Mercury semisquare Venus)

Curtis Burns

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