Astrological Predictions: Week of February 28, 2010: Saturn Biquintile Neptune

Saturn and Neptune align this week, two very “negative” points certain to wreck havoc on our normal sense of control and order in our lives.   When two planets aspect each other, their energies seem to play off of each other in our lives causing a sort of temporary intensification of their effects.  In this case Saturn’s propensity to react pathologically to unresolved situations meets and multiplies Neptune’s tendency to act deceitfully or dishonestly when faced with trouble.

This is a very complicated astrological equation but the end result is typically a deeply set anxiety arising about vague or unclear situations in our life.  It can be connected to human addictive behaviors, chronic states of disease, or just deep depression.Saturn biquintile Neptune, March 2, 2010

Of course there is an upside to the Saturn-Neptune combination, and it leads us to act with more integrity with our dreams, aspirations, and ways to ultimate spiritual liberation.  Things get very, very subtle at the end of the spiritual road; the challenge is to listen and discern the whisperings of the higher self (which is the God self) and not the sophisticated voice of the ego, which points to the accrual of more fame, power, and worldly relevance.  Listening is Neptune, discerning is Saturn; both are highly refined faculties of the mind.

The Universe as an agency of Cosmic Evolutionary Progression tends to deliver us from hindering energy patterns.  Our selfish, grasping minds tend to see the Universe as a cruel and cold place that we must continually fortify ourselves against, and knock out some sort of pathetic existence that will be eventually obliterated by the forces of chaos.  Every time we are sick, when we are down on our luck, and when hope runs out; reality is merely eclipsed by our own pessimistic projections onto the vast magnificent wonder that is the Universe, which actually has our success as paramount in intention.

Throw off the drama during this Saturn-Neptune time, and be grateful that all your cherished-but-wrong-delusions are at the door to be dismissed forever.  A little realism courtesy of Saturn now will help you to find the right path to salvation and the most sublime peace.

pentagram   geometry in astrologyFor astrological accuracy, Saturn and Neptune are forming a bi-quintile, which is 144 degrees of angular separation.  One hundred forty four is a number associated with the number five, because the 360 degrees of the circle divided into five exact segments forms sections of 72 degrees each (a quintile).  Two of those sections forms one hundred forty four, hence a biquintile.

Quintiles and biquintiles are powerful aspects that do not get much attention, except now in our computer age; they are slightly more pointed in their effects than squares but not as overwhelmingly severe.  If you cut a quintile in half you get two sections of thirty six degrees, which is 360 divided by 10; so a tridecile is three sections of thirty six degrees, or one hundred eight.  I regularly post these transiting aspects of planets because I find they can’t be ignored.golden ratio  spiral pentagram astrology

You may know already that a pentagram, a powerful symbol which has been misused by some occultists, is based by angles of 72 and 144 degrees.  The five-pointed stars is a very important symbol to humanity: we have five fingers on each hand, we have five extremities (two arms, two legs, and a head), and the golden ratio spiral is based on the geometry of the pentagram.

Day by Day with Results Added Through the Week:

Mon, Mar 1
There may be moments of hysteria, shock, and alarm; for others it may be a situation where urgency of though and action is required.  This may be a good day to acquire a good amount of self-assertive esteem quickly.  Venus enters the sidereal sign of its exaltation Pisces today; there may be an observable shift in relationships.  (Mercury quincunx Mars, Venus enters sidereal Pisces)

  • Chile troops clash with looters after quake.  News Story
  • Windstorm Xynthia tears through Europe leaving many dead and many more homeless News Story

Tues, Mar 2
This could be a strange day indeed; physical vitality may be at a very low point along with resistance to disease.  Emotions could be quite dark or utterly incomprehensible.  The worst of our life-delusions may be laid bare for us to see, which is not the most joyous of realizations but there is sobering hope implicit in the process.  Keep your attitudes strong, things should lighten up quickly.  (Saturn biquintile Neptune, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

  • New York Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel stepped down from his post atop the powerful tax-writing House Ways and Means committee today pending the completion of several ethics investigations into his conduct. News Story

Wed, Mar 3
Unusual and/or short-lived relationship situations may come about.  The key here is to not try to grasp and hold onto the other person, trying to limit or restrict them physical or mentally; the presence of controlling factors may cause them to flee away.  Respecting and appreciating their uniqueness will have the opposite effect.  (Venus conjunct Uranus)

Thurs, Mar 4
Interesting relationship developments are at hand.  An intense desire to get together may have hidden motivations, conscious or not.  Persuasive charisma will be strong, as will be the ability to probe mysteries heretofore opaque.  (Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Juno, Juno sextile Pluto)

Fri, Mar 5
Impetuosity, alarm, and dangerous haste may arise causing troubles.  Mechanical or electronic problems may ensue; be careful of sharp metal objects, fires, or other human conflicts.  Tact may not be today’s defining quality.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury biquintile Mars)

  • Riders tossed out as bus rolls over; six dead, Arizona officials say.  News Story
  • A strong earthquake with magnitude 6.5 struck Friday night in the ocean southwest of Sumatra in Indonesia, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
  • Violent protests in Greece.  News Story
  • Sean Penn hopes his critics on his Haiti relief “die screaming of rectal cancer” News Story

Sat, Mar 6
No peaking influences

Sun, Mar 7
Relationships, personal power, and creativity are highly accentuated today.  Be careful not to let unresolved psychological issues unduly overshadow how you think and behave (or deeply hidden compulsions to control and intimidate).  Discussions, presentations, and other intellectual exercises are highly favored.  (Venus trine Mars, Sun quintile Pluto, Mercury conjunct Jupiter)

Mon, Mar 8
No peaking influences

Tues, Mar 9
Relationships may hit stumbling stones, the normal flow of love may sudden go cold, and the propensity to see someone as a threat or enemy is enhanced.  There may be moments of urgency, alarm, or intensity.  (Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars)

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