Prosperity and the flourishing of culture and civilization do not occur in a vacuum of power, but are nurtured through in an environment of enlightened governance. Rules protect freedom as much as they encourage it.  It all comes down to who and what is in control, the tyrant human ego or….

Getting back into the swing of things here, after an extended time away from doing Astro-Success.  One way or another my “writing batteries” got a recharge.  Over the next few days and weeks I plan to hammer out a few key articles, which hopefully will help pave the way to the future for us all.  Nothing ever quite works out the way we all presume it will, as I keep doing this though I’m getting closer and closer to the actual ability to make predictions in an accurate way. 

A lot of astrologers out there (with not a little bit of ego involved) will predict the next presidential election, or state of the economy, or social trends; all with pretty un-remarkable results.  Let me say this without actually looking at the astrology of the candidates yet: I think the US Presidential election for 2008 will come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Guliani.  Hillary won’t win because she’s too independent, but Rudy will because he is a globalist yes-man. 

When I do look at their charts though I could make some modifying comments or could possibly change my prediction, but I think it is obvious enough even without looking at the stars.  I did actually do a comprehensive look at Hillary’s astrology a few years ago covering the upcoming 2008 period and in my opinion it didn’t look like she would take the grand prize but still may continue in a “lesser” role in government such as in the Senate.  You can read my Hillary Clinton articles in the political archives section. 

If one were to draw up the chart of the next US Presidential Inauguration however some very interesting and good things do show up; I’ll be writing on this soon.  The only real candidate in my opinion, Ron Paul, one could not realistically expect to be elected; but he does hold the power to enliven the debate and open people’s minds up to real governance.  Ron Paul was for a long time associated with the Libertarian Party with the always-wonderful rhetoric of the least government is the best (less power to abuse). 

Libertians though I think live in their own little fantasyland.  Prosperity and the flourishing of culture and civilization do not occur in a vacuum of power, but are nurtured through in an environment of enlightened governance.  Man as the highest form of life with the most advanced capacity of mind could not not be expected to apply that mind towards social upliftment and refinement and the benefit of all, instead of what libertarians say that only people selfishly pursuing their own personal gains will mechanically push the world to the most optimal and cultured manifestation. 

Independent people of course always chafe under restriction and liberty is the prerogative of the soul; but the rule of law under the overseer-ship of spiritually advanced souls will keep things within manageable boundaries.  Rules protect freedom as much as they encourage it.  It all comes down to who and what is in control, the tyrant human ego or the selfless Christ/Buddhic leader. 

I could go on and on; but I hope we can be clear, with all of Guliani’s connections to organized crime, nation-destroying globalist interests, womanizing, and walking around in women’s clothing, he can’t be the next Christ/Buddha leader.  It should be very interesting indeed to compare Guliani’s chart to that of the US.  GWB and the US proved to be the most intense and problematical so far astrological pairing; Rudy’s should prove equally enlightening. 

This week proves to be relatively benign astrologically, with the minor exception of the Sun and Pluto interacting on Thursday, July 19.  On that day you can expect a bit more color and “interest” to the time. 


{tab=Day by Day}
Fri, Jul 13
No peaking influences

Tue, Jul 17
No peaking influences

Wed, Jul 18
A decidedly upbeat day is in the offing; one where also the ego may run roughshod over others in its quest for glory.  People’s interactions may be characterized by selfishness, insensitivity, but not without a degree of passion and excitement.  All in all today is one to seize opportunities.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars quincunx Juno)

Thur, Jul 19
Today the Sun moves from aspecting Jupiter to Pluto, presaging a major configuration to take place at the end of this year.  Obviously that which draws power and influence in the psyche, symbolized by the Sun, becomes affected by unconscious (and therefore unfettered) motivations.  What man is not conscious of is nearly always of a counter-evolutionary nature, pulling him down instead of exalting his more spiritual nature.  This lower domain is also that of intrigue, abuse of power, and tendencies towards self-annihilation.  Do not be surprised at some things imploding, exploding, or somehow breaking down; reflecting the mortality of life.  Another influence today is that of Mercury aspecting Neptune, which may cause misunderstandings, misperceptions (biases occluding clarity), and deceitfulness of thought, reason, and speech.  Mercury also aspects Uranus, causing at times intuitive leaps and innovative developments.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune)

Fri, Jul 20
Don’t be entirely surprised if excitement and the pace of events gets somewhat out of control, or that unbridled enthusiasm can become sort of a threat.  The urge to take action may be sparked by a more than ordinary concern for the welfare of all.  (Mars sextile Uranus)

Sat, Jul 21
Sometime this weekend Mars will move into aspect with the Nodes, possibly causing eruptions of anger, passion, and/or the need to take vigorous action.  Since the Nodes are a little blurry in the actual positions, it is hard to tell exactly when this will occur.  Gatherings of people however may be somewhat more energetic and prone to difficulties.  (Mars quintile Node)

Sun, Jul 22
A darker, more somber influence may settle over the mind causing you to become realistic, if not pessimistic, in your outlook.  Blockages to perception and communications may surface, allowing the proactive mind to examine and analyze the causes of its present limitations.  Self-inhibiting factors rooted in a sense of inadequacy may temporarily flare, but spurring you towards finding a solution.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Mon, Jul 23
Early on today a sense of enthusiasm may seize the mind, hopefully propelling you up and out of your mental ruts, but hopefully not causing you to leap to unrealistic conclusions as an over-enthusiastic compensatory reaction.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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