Predictions for March 27 to April 2, 2012

The most deepest and most intense astrological aspect this week will be the quintile forming between Saturn and Pluto, which peaks on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  This may create a sense throughout the week of an intense determination and urgency, which may overshadow all the other configurations.  Other Saturnian and Plutonian feelings of obsessiveness, oppressiveness, and regret may manifest in some way or another.  Wednesday may be marked by things going awry, breaking down, and acute emotional stresses.

The upside?  There always is one.

Saturn and Pluto in tandem here will serve to separate us out from distracting, diversionary, or otherwise counterproductive people and situations, sharpen our focus, and get us closer to what is real for each of us.  They keep us from getting flabby materially and emotionally, more lean and mean, if you will.  Go for it everyone!

Tuesday, March 27
Some relationships developments will come about; it should be a good day to connect with important people in your life.  (Sun trine Juno)

Wednesday, March 28
Emotions may strike hard and true today.  Relationships getting very deep.  A feeling of austerity, intensity, and oppressiveness may be strong, bringing up certain situations that resonate with it.  However the feeling of determination to get through it will be present as well.  For some it may be losses and/or increased responsibilities and burdens.  (Saturn quintile Pluto, Venus sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Thursday, March 29
Energy and emotion may be very strong at some point today, causing a “make or break” type of feeling.  Obsessive or compulsive behaviors may be set off, and people and situations may be pushing the envelope.  Beware of breakdowns of any kind, disrupting the normal flow of events.  (Sun square Pluto)

Friday, March 30
No peaking influences during the day, but later on early Saturday’s Sun-Mars-Uranus aspect may start the engines of motivation, passion, and challenge; but also panic, alarm, and disruption.

Saturday, March 31|
Emotions may be aggravated, sleep or relaxation difficult.  Accidents and injuries are highlighted, as well as the shock and alarm accompanying them.  Emotions may be shredded a bit in relationships.  However experiences and trials like this may serve to bring people closer together.  (Sun biquintile Mars, Mars quincunx Uranus, Venus quincunx Saturn)

Sunday-Monday, April 1-2
No peaking influences


Mercury, God of Thieves

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