Kidnapped and Thrown Into a Strange Forest

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Astrology for the Week of July 5, 2010

Astrology of an EclipseThe big news in astrology this week is hte solar eclipse on Sunday, July 11th.  An eclipse of course is traditionally a malefic event because the Sun, symbolizing the spirit of man, is temporarily “snuffed out”.  In my experience eclipses have coincided with unusual, disorienting, and/or disrupting developments.

The so-called crisis of course is really the way the human man will interepret developments that push individuals into a new space.  If someone put you into a sack and then threw you into a strange forest, you mind might not like it and anxieties would be triggered off. Eclpses can have the same disorienting effect.

The fact is the Universe sometimes likes to shake us up because we’ve just become a little too settled into our niches.  We are in the midst of crisis globally with the economy, the Gulf oil spill, and the potential for a hot war being lit off in the Persian Gulf.  If the stars have anything to say about it, things could get very hot around the end of this month with a very tight configuration of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto; which I’ve spoken about at length in Mounting Challenges 2009-11.

Personally, I am hesitant to make any great changes in life until after the first week in August 2010; things seem to be in flux right now.  I hope to have more posted here on current developments soon.

Mon, July 5
Today could have a very mixed bag of karmic (challenging) situations. Be careful of self-deceptions, impetuosity and haste, nervousness and hysteria, situations with potential accidents or injuries (war zones), or potential landmines being set off in the emotional quarter of relationships and human affairs.  The whole world tends to want to move up and forward, and the energies of social dynamism may be very apparent.  (Uranus retrograde station, Mars tridecile Pluto, Sun and Mercury aspecting Neptune, Venus aspects Uranus)

Tues, July 6
No peaking influences

Wed, July 7
Social initiatives will be favored as well as cultural and artistic ventures; be careful of spending too much time, energy, or resources on things which are frivolous in the end.  (Venus biquintile Jupiter)

Thurs, July 8
What seems obvious and the connections you might make today could be the product of a highly stimulated and over-active imagination; logic and the heart may be bent subtly by psychological predilections and later prove to be false.  (Mercury and Venus aspecting Neptune)

Friday, July 9
The experience of life today may seem to go against the grain, but what will be brought out will be our basic lack of flexibility.  We will have the opportunity to throw off vicariously our rigid stubbornness on issues, or at least see how deep it goes into us and take corrective steps after the dust settles.  (Sun quintile Saturn)

Sat, July 10
An interesting and stimulating day is in the offing to help you break into new territory and/or maybe launch off into a new life-direction.  (Sun tridecile Uranus, Venus quincunx Uranus, Sun sextile Mars)

Sun, July 11
An eclipse of the Sun may make today unusual and possibly fraught with peril for some.  There may be a tendency to act in an obsessive and/or hysterical manner.  There could be subtle developments in relationships.  (Venus contraparallel Neptune, Mercury quincunx Pluto, Mercury semisquare Mars, solar eclipse)

Mon, July 12
No peaking influences

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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