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by | Oct 19, 2010 | Predictions

Saturday the 23rd this week looks like to be the key juncture with Mars squaring Neptune, which tends to bring out a whole host of sticky problems.  Mars carries the trouble, and Neptune adds the layers of deception, self-deception, and mystery.  A few good things may happen, but not before a few hard lessons learned.

At the moment I am very busy putting together my presentation, which you are cordially invited to.  But I hammered out a few meanings for the astrology of this week.  And I will be back soon enough….


Sunday and Monday, Oct 17-18
Debate, learning, and analysis are favored; but be sure not to let predispositions bias your conclusions.  Persuasion, creativity, and spirituality are enhanced as well.  Anything may seem possible, which can have the effect of greatly animating the mind, emotions, and body.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Tues-Wed, Oct 19-20
Ideas and possibilities probably will be bantered back and forth; however, words do not equate with actions.  Creativity and spirituality will be sparked.  (Sun quincunx Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune)

Thurs, Oct 21
Excitement and the sense of adventure will be strong; initiatives may fall short though due to lack of preparation, or to efforts not being adequately governed.  Tact and diplomacy may be absent.  (Mars trine Jupiter, Sun quincunx Uranus)

Friday, Oct 22
Initiatives may hit a brick wall; be careful of physical injuries, cuts, burns, or arguments.  However more cordial elements will be enhanced as well, which may make for a profitable day after all.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Mercury biquintile Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Sat, Oct 23
This could be a strange weekend; people may behave in unusual or deceitful ways, problems with toxins (intoxicants), water, or gas may ensue.  There may be a definite lack of energy or motivation.  Verbal and intellectual operations however could be very interesting and profitable.  (Mars square Neptune, Mercury sextile Pluto)

Sun, Oct 24
Debate and discussion should be a rewarding experience, and infusion of optimism can help put things into perspective.  Be wary of over-zeal or over-estimating the value of someone or something.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Mon, Oct 25
Profoundly beautiful and deeply emotional situations may arise, it would be wise to ensure that what seems to touch your heart is based on a real development in your life and not merely a hope or fantasy that seems to take form and then just as quickly disappear.  There could be background influence of impatience that could bring about a situation of overly-heated excitement.  (Mars trine Uranus, Venus tridecile Neptune)

Curtis Burns

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