There is another shift astrologically for everyone coming up: Jupiter steps out of Capricorn (sidereal) and moves into Aquarius on Friday, December 11, 2009.  This puts Jupiter into a slightly more favorable position.  More importantly this also means that Jupiter, the Great Benefic, moves into a new house (vedically) in everyone’s chart; and this no doubt will mean something good for all.

Without delving into complex astrological jargon, Jupiter is now in a better position to help the Nodes transiting through Gemini/Sagittarius.  The Sagittarius’ ruler is now “less hindered” which reflects positively on any planet moving through that sign.  I elaborated a few weeks ago on the shift of the Nodes into Gemini/Sagittarius, and this week’s shift assists that process.

If you are sidereal Leo rising, positive relationship developments have a much greater probability of occurring, and the same goes for having the Moon in Leo.  If you are sidereal Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus rising Jupiter’s positive effects will be manifesting strongly in your life.

Jupiter is the Node’s dispositor and this contributes positively to the effects of that astrology which I elaborated on here a few weeks ago.  There certainly are some deep challenges coming up, but this configuration certainly is a welcome sign.

We’ve had the recent whistleblower uncovering of emails from the Climate Research Unit in England; this brings much more honesty into the anthropogenic global warming debate and may help to put up roadblocks to draconian global carbon taxation schemes that could have devastating consequences on the economies of the developed nations.

I would expect more good news and greater enthusiasm for the world as a result of this astrology, which we certainly need right now.

In looking ahead for December 2009 I noticed that the last third of the month right through the first week of January is marked by a literal string of malefic configuration for every single day.  I am thinking the very end of 2009 will be difficult in some respects and developmental for sure.  If we look at the “bad” thing happening to us as blessing, we can truly see that they bring about a maturing/exalting process in our lives.  So I am seeing a lot of opportunities for personal advancement coming towards the last days of 2009; the biggest challenge will be to see these things as opportunities.  I will be remarking more about this in the near future.

Day by Day:

Monday, Dec 7
This could be a very intense and stressful day, but also very productive.  Personal breakthroughs are eminently possible. Pessimism and depression may need to be compensated for, turn despair into determined action to overcome difficulties. Ardent concentration may yield greatly profitable results.  Be careful of accident, injuries or conflicts; or placing yourself in potentially dangerous areas.  (Mercury conjunct Pluto, square Saturn, Sun quintile Saturn)

Tuesday, December 8
Very early on, more so in the European time zones, there could be moments of alarm, hysteria, or intense urgency.  Later on, cordiality should assert itself in human affairs.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus tridecile Juno)

Wednesday, December 9
Cordiality should be strong, opportunities and good fortune may manifest; be careful of the temptation to indulgence or overspending on frivolous ventures, too much good food or drink, especially when the bottom line payback is indigestion or a hangover.  (Venus quintile Jupiter)

Thursday, December 10
Hyperbole and enthusiasm should be high, promises big, and courage strong; big words though and energy do not replace commitment and hard work in the long haul.  However spirituality and creativity could surpass brilliance at times; be careful of waxing hot but then cooling very quickly.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Sun trine Mars)

Friday, December 11
Beauty, love, and creativity could be very strong; however the tendency to project our greatest hopes onto tragically inadequate people or situations will be there as well, a vigilant and shrewd mind however can guard against the latter.  Deceitful, toxic or behavior patterns may be activated; physical vitality may be vulnerable.  Beware of lies and deceptions, self or otherwise.  A shift may be observed today.  (Venus quintile Neptune, Mercury semisquare Neptune, Jupiter enters sidereal Aquarius)

Saturday, December 12
No peaking influences

Sunday, December 13
No peaking influences

Monday, December 14
Relationships may hit snags; internally generated, of course.  In other areas though confidence will be strong and good fortune may be found.  The tendency to bristle at abuses of power or at limits placed on your freedom may be lit off, and you or others may act in surprising ways, taking new turns.  (Venus quintile Saturn, Sun square Uranus, Sun sextile Jupiter)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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