Detailed day by day astrology for thw week of June 9, 2008

For more in depth information on the astrology of this week read the overview article Putting Out Fire with Gasoline.

Click here for  printout of June 2008 raw data (central time)

Mon, Jun 9
Uranus today moves into the sidereal sign of Pisces, for more into on that read the article Uranus in Pisces: Go with the Flow.

Tue, Jun 10
Relationships are accented today and later on bring up some potential incompatibilities which demand either adjustment or a parting of ways.  Be careful of spending too much, or wasting precious time, energy, or resources on questionable needs.  (Uranus square Juno, Venus quincunx Jupiter, Venus quintile Saturn)

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Wed, Jun 11
Obstacles, delays, and other frustrating factors may dog this day; but what really is brought out is our inability to flow and adjust to changes, and to expand ourselves to the demands of the hour.  Important relationship developments are at hand over the next day or so. (Sun quintile Saturn, quincunx Jupiter; Venus opposite Juno)

Thur, Jun 12
Along with today’s continuing relationship developments, there should be a lightening and electrifying of the mind which will stimulate discussions, study, and creativity.  (Venus square Uranus, Sun opposite Juno, Mercury biquintile Jupiter)

Fri, Jun 13
What seems to beautiful and special about relationships today may merely be a projection of our own hopes and dreams onto others, which may bring a sort of let down later on.  Nevertheless some unforgettable moments may be possible.  (Venus trine Neptune)

Sat, Jun 14
Significant gathering of people and situations will be coming about.  There could be some drama, tension, or strife involved; if not the potential to get somewhat out of hand.  Some people today may find themselves in an unfortunate place.  Don’t’ be too surprised at almost wild surges of energy.  Otherwise a very hopeful, but potentially delusive influence will be present.  (Mars conjunct South Node (Ketu), Sun trine Neptune, Mars quincunx Jupiter)

Sun, Jun 15
Relationships may hit some stumbling stones; but those stone are really sharp protrusions in the subconscious that will be calling for some adjustment and reform in the way we get along with others.  (Saturn tridecile Juno)

Mon, Jun 16
The ability to work with others may be assisted; it is especially good that some constructive goal-orientation is involved.  In other ways the passion of desire may afflict and distort relationship dynamics.  (Mars trine Juno)

Graphic Ephemeris for June 2008
Any crossed curved line indicates a hard aspect (stressful, developmental, the eighth harmonic) either a conjunction, square, opposition, semisquare, or sesquiquadrate between planets.  This is away to have an overview of transits for a specific period.

The most stressful period looks to be around June 25 as you can see three major sets of hard aspects forming between planets. 


Mercury, God of Thieves

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