June 2-9, 2008: Astro-Success

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Mon, Jun 2
Vitality, will power, and the ability to assert yourself may be mysteriously absent. Physical sensitivities, allergies, and chronic conditions may flare; all of which have the effect of producing hard-to-define problems, health crisises, or even setting off latent deceitful behavioral patterns: people may respond in less than honest ways, or act in ways that hurt themselves as much as other people.  Some people engage in higher than usual examples of escapism: intoxication, TV and movies, or just refusing to get out of bed (and a lot of illnesses may "conveniently" appear).  In other areas, relationships may take on almost divinely luminous qualities, which of course is mostly a subjective phenomenon, and just as many times is something quite less than the divine trying to disguise itself as so (and which should not be questioned). (Sun tridecile Neptune, Juno sextile Neptune)

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Tue, Jun 3
The feeling of love and connection to another may take on near divine proportions, and a rapturous aura may surround many relationships today.  But sadly that glow departs, especially after the letdown as we ultimately see we were self-deceived as we are so wont to do.  (Venus tridecile Neptune)

Wed, Jun 4
Enthusiasm, dedication, and confidence will be strong to incite action; impatience may be high, as well as the ability to be offended.  (Sun sextile Mars)

Thur, Jun 5
Confidence should be high allowing people to do more if they believe they can.  Overconfidence and bravado will be activated as well, but words, thoughts, and feelings do not replace actions.  (Sun biquintile Jupiter)

Fri, Jun 6
Early on should be very positive for relationships, prosperity, and cultural affairs; as well as the potential for activation of obsessive/compulsive tendencies.  (Mars sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus biquintile Jupiter, Venus sextile Mars)

Sat and Sun, Jun 7-8
Relationships and the course of events look to be positive, with the exception of some possible tension and turbulence on Sunday.  (Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus sextile Mars, Mars biquintile Uranus)

Mon, Jun 9
Uranus today moves into the sidereal sign of Pisces, for more into on that read the article Uranus in Pisces: Go with the Flow.


Mercury, God of Thieves

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