July 9-17, 2006: The Glue that Binds Us Together….

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The peak of energy and activity this week peaks right around Thursday and Friday, July 13 and 14.  Relationships and emotional connectedness will deepen as well.  The glue which binds us together in our human web should assert itself now.  It would seem also that the reasons for relationships coming about (or at least that which we choose to believe) become both ways to open the channels of love and also to deliver healing and resolution through those very channels. 

Relationship scenarios are not guaranteed to bring resolution either.  In fact they may be ways that we further set ourselves back from our avowed life goals.  All in all friends, choose your friends and relationships well; your first relationship is with yourself. 

At any rate during this Thursday-Friday period the pace of events, situations, and the way people interact should be upbeat and more vigorous.  Strike the iron while it’s hot, as they say.  A little forgive and forget will go a long way also as we may be inadvertently stepping on each others toes a little more at this time. 

Thus Sunday as Venus connects with Saturn and the Nodes relationship impediments and turbulence may arise.  Don’t be too quick however to judge or accuse your friends and loved ones, this may be a very important issue that you’re mutually facing and you could be very much shaming when you should be admitting culpability. 

Monday as the Sun connects with Pluto and Neptune with Juno issues of ethics and truth in relationships will be accented; and there could be pivotal changes. 

Monday, July 10, Full Moon in sidereal Gemini
The Moon which represents the mind and the daily emotional/mental state of individuals is fully illuminated by the Sun, which represents the eternal spirit and the principle of the will.  All in all, it should be a very dynamic and significant time (as it has over the past 3-4 days already).  Sometimes the energy of the full moon can be too intense for individuals and they go a little nuts around times like these.  It is not impossible though for determined individuals to channel the powerful situations brought about by this full moon to constructive ends; whether they be emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical.

Tues, Jul 11
The energy to seize the day could be hard to find.  One may not feel like doing what they know they should do, with every reason available as to why they shouldn’t.  All these human rationales however will not deny the fact that we alone are the sole determiners of the day’s outcome.  Later on unusual or unprecedented creative surges may manifest.  (Sun quincunx Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Uranus) 

Wed, Jul 12
No Peaking Influences

Thurs, Jul 13
Social and personal connections should be enhanced.  The feeling of brotherly and sisterly love should grow.  The growth of the mind and spirit is possible today blessed by fortunate circumstances.  The connections that we all feel to our higher selves (the Divine in us) should be more directly accessible.  One should guard against assuming greatness that is not really theirs to claim.  The words of the saints “I am nothing, Thou art all” spoken to their God; if used almost as a mantra-affirmation today could help substantially in averting the creation of karma born of pride and arrogance.  Sometimes pride manifests itself very subtly; we all like to believe that we are doing God some special service.  If we do God service though, it might be in the most humblest of ways “forcing” us to take on the ways of simpleness, charity, and complete givingness of the self with no expectation of reward.  Later on tomorrow’s configurations already should start to manifest.  Surprisingly powerful physical force may be available to you, which can be effectively channeled.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter)

Fri, Jul 14
Love and relationships take on deeper tones.  Past issues of the use and abuse of power within relationships will in various ways be reactivated.  What seems so magnetically fascinating and attractive in others most assuredly has heavy karmic baggage attached to it.  Such “love” can easily switch to hate.  Physical energy between others should be very strong, if you feel “vulnerable” to such things a considered re-direction of those energies for you focused into some project, investigation, or meditative work should be very rewardful.  (Mars trine Pluto, Venus opposite Pluto, Venus sextile Mars)

Sat, Jul 15
No Peaking Influences

Sun, Jul 16
Relationship situations moderate and balance now, possibly after some intense stimulations over the last few days.  The “glue which binds us together” may be more apparent today if you think about it.  Glue is by nature sticky, gummy, and after a short time hardens into a sort of crusty, rough, but holding medium; all of which could be attributed to many a relationship I have seen.  After the pieces of the structure are set in glue, along comes he carpenter and with his drill and inserts long-lasting steel nuts and bolts to keep things together in a purposeful way.  Of course we have the glue of our human web, but then there’s also the nuts and bolts of a higher destiny that connects people to another maybe in the form of family situations, financial arrangements, business agreements and the like; all of which are not so easily de-constructed.  The influence of Saturn today on Venus in a moderate way helps to amplify the idea of significance in relationships.  (Venus semisquare Saturn, Venus square Nodes)

Mon, Jul 17
Early on US time deep and powerful urges and feelings might arise; be careful how you act on them (even if you may be sleeping.)  Some situations may breakdown, while in some others breakthroughs may occur.  An enchanting, but possibly deceptive relationship influence is present today.  The other person in your eyes may only be a reflecting mirror of some of your most cherished hopes and fantasies.  Some people may present possibilities, but usually they will fall short of delivering on them.   You might find yourself connected to people who are in need of help; you may need to see through them how seeming weakness is really great strength.  There could be issues of substance abuse surrounding relationships.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Juno opposite Neptune)


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