Mon, July 7
Feelings toward each other will be amplified, if not overly-luminized.  Relationships may not be quite all they seem to be.  (Venus quincunx Neptune)

Tue, Jul 8
The importance of relationships and the distribution of power within them may be highlighted. (Sun quincunx Juno)

Wed, Jul 9
Despite the potential harshness of tomorrow’s astrology today will have a definte buoyancy, if not blithe self-confidence that there is no reason to fear.  Be careful of arrogance and a spirit of denial that may cause you to over look crucial details.  (Sun opposite Jupiter, biquintile Neptune)

Thur, Jul 10
Frustration levels may be high, and the need to press on will be very strong; but sometimes during the worst of conditions do we find the very best in us.  Obsessive tendencies may be activated. (Mars conjunct Saturn, Mercury opposite Pluto)

Fri, Jul 11
Late tonite US time (early on Pacific and Far Eastern time zones), emotional intensity could be very strong, perhaps imbalancing proper perspective on things, including relationships.  Venus today also is closest to the Sun all year (perihelion) (Venus quincunx Pluto)

Sat, Jul 12

Obstacles and delays may try your patience, and the mind may be somewhat biased to pessimism right now; but as you focus determination this may be a key day of problem-resolution.  (Sun semisquare Saturn)

Sun, Jul 13
Love and relationships will be accented; connections should be cordial.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Juno)

Mon, Jul 14, Moon at Apogee

The Moon is at farthest point from the earth today, which could have unusual effects on the normal course of affairs.  In other areas a feeling of personal independence may help to bring about innovations and reforms.  (Sun trine Uranus)