July 31-Aug 7, ’06: A Whole Lotta Movin’ & Shakin’ Goin’ On

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The main mix of malefics (planets that do “bad” things) happens over Tues and Wed, August 1 and 2; so these would seem to be the days where the heat of activity is at its strongest.  Of course here in the Midwest US heat right now is a very palpable quality.  As temperatures rise, so it would seem that tempers will rise correspondingly so. 

Of course having a bad temper, really points to one’s sense of insecurity because you see everyone as an enemy threatening seemingly your very existence.  Buddha would say to become unattached to situations, meditate continuously; it is all an illusory dream anyway. 

At any rate with these planets involved (Sun, Mars and Pluto) the passion, zeal, and egoic investment in life will be at a high point.  So consequently there could be a bouncing back and forth of egos not unlike cue balls on a pool table.  Sometimes I wonder if there is not some Great Master pool player in the sky with an infinite understanding of the law of trajectories who is knocking around a few choice ego-souls upon earth with his cosmic cue stick for a profound purpose. 

Atoms, molecules, and electrons in differing states of matter (solid, liquid, or gaseous) do those same things.  There’s basically a whole lotta moving and shakin’ goin’ on everywhere.  So it might be good to leap into the arena of life during this week and bounce off a few things. 

I recall the words of Richard Marchinko, navy seal turned author; “The more thou sweateth in training, the less thou bleedest in battle.”  As I always say during times like this, this is not the time to sit and meditate; rather, get out and rattle the lion’s cage, lest he come knocking on the door.

Of course if you live in a war zone, this time might be particularly unpleasant; rattling the lion's cage might bring back more than you bargained for.  Get out of harm’s way. 

Then later on, Monday August 7, the Sun conjuncts Saturn, and the inflammation of fear and anxiety might occur; maybe felt more in the mind than in actuality in circumstances.  The start of the work week then could feel somewhat arduous.   Delays and setbacks of all sorts are not unlikely. 

Mon, July 31
Freedom is not free, as they way.  It takes work and discipline.  Inasmuch as freedom is our birthright as children of the Lord of the Universe; sometimes we have to forge and win our freedom to exercise our higher central prerogatives.  Freedom is in the mind, and not merely in the body to do as it pleases.  It is not indulgence or excess; it means not to be dependent on anyone or anything, that all that one needs to live and thrive is found in abundance within.  Some of the anxieties attached to these issues will be coming up now, others saying that we have to work hard and micromanage everything in our lives in order to sustain happiness and felicity and then others saying you have to plant a bomb underneath those in power and start up your own little fiefdom, but now with you in control.  Nevertheless the Saturnian fear of losing control or sense of inadequacy causing one to overcompensate, runs up against the higher, more universal influences of Uranus that causes us to work in specialized groups for less egoically-invested enterprises.  (Saturn quincunx Uranus, Sun biquintile Uranus)

Tues and Wed, Aug 1 and 2
The motivation to act, to deliberately assert one’s resources, and to seek personal gain from those actions through Wednesday is more deeply affected (and altered) by unconscious factors.  Obsessiveness and compulsivity latent in us will be activated, and therefore trouble is more likely to be ‘a brewing.  It will not ideally be a quiet reflective sort of time, but more geared toward action and gaining self-assertiveness.  Deeper sexual issues may be involved and the tendency to act in other inappropriate or ethically questionable ways.  Anger issues could flare.  Nevertheless channeling oneself into all-consuming tasks such as cleaning the basement out, moving your friend into a new house, running a marathon, etc; will optimize the release of today’s astrology.  Through tomorrow the tendency for the ego to swell and ambitions to rise to great heights will be motivated, noting may seem impossible.  Of course boasts and grandiosity of thought and word is usually followed failure to follow through; and the boaster now becomes the quiet person in the corner trying to avoid attention (they flip to the other extreme of behavior).  Nevertheless putting yourself in harm’s way today could be extremely unwise.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars tridecile Pluto, Sun square Jupiter)

Thurs, Aug 3
The feelings and regard for certain other people today could be quite luminous, but maybe more than is realistic.  However it is over such hopes and dreams that actual love can grow.  Nevertheless important connections and groups coming together will occur today.  (Venus quincunx Neptune, Sun semisquare Node)

Fri, Aug 4
[No Peaking Influences]

Sat, Aug 5
At some time today the power of the mind to project, to penetrate, and to uncover mysteries will seem to be greatly magnfified, but also at the same time the ethics of situations may seem to be malleable according to what one may personally gain from them.  Obsessive and compulsive thoughts may be harder to shake off.  The ability to sell or persuade will be very strong, one may find “sneaky” reasoning paths somehow easy to trod.  (Mercuary quincunx Pluto)

Sun, Aug 6
Social and romantic situations should go rather well today.  In other areas the appreciation of culture, religion and art should be enhanced; trips to the museum should be beneficial.  Be careful though spending or indulging oneself too much, just for the sake of enjoyment.  Even so relationship situations cold be more on a friendship level.  In other situations the feeling of resistance to repression, or blockages to the exercising of one’s unique proclivities will be experienced more exquisitely, which may precipitate changes or departures from previous patterns.  (Venus tridecile Jupiter, Sun quincunx Uranus)

Mon, Aug 7
Do not be too shocked or upset by negative developments today; after all, they were lying in wait for some time now and you probably knew that sometime or another these situations were going to erupt.  You just didn’t want to deal with it though.  Well, when you don’t go out to meet trouble, you get his rude knock on the door and usually it is at the most seemingly inopportune time. There is no one to shame or blame, except that guy or girl in the mirror.  However a more loving and patient approach will work wonders.  Actually you probably deserved ten times worse happening to you, except that the great mercy of the Lord of Universe held the most of it back for you so as to give you a great chance to succeed.  Keeping these things in mind will make a ponderous day go much better, you may make some important self-developments having to do with honor, diligence, and perseverance.  In other areas you may meet up with some people who promise the Sun, Moon, and the Stars; but may end up only delivering less than a thimbleful.  There could be some good discussion with people though.  Some meetings may hold potential.  Later on some pretty interesting emotional and/or love developments may occur; offering much to occupy your mind with; possibly distracting you as well from what you really need.  (Sun conjunct Saturn, Juno quintile Jupiter, Venus quincunx Pluto)

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