The price of oil entering in to the forth dollar level, the Middle East aflame, or a very strangely acting US president aside; this upcoming week is astrologically quiet at least.  There is of course background influences of the outer planets and their inter-configurations going on all the time, which I try to keep readers apprised of.  So I can never say truthfully “this is going to be a quiet week” 

The inner planets seem to describe mundane affairs pretty well; our interactions, passing moods, and fields of interests.  I try to cover them here hoping that the world will catch on to my daily “cosmic weather report”; it, that is the stars, seem to be pretty accurate. 

For the first half of this Monday through Monday period various configurations of benefic planets would seem to steal our attention, hopefully lightening our days during what are otherwise very dark progressions of events. 

On Friday, July 28, Mercury moves out of retrograde motion indicating heightened mental and verbal activity on the part of wall; and giving us the official “green light” to commence new enterprises and initiatives with the heaven’s blessing.  All in all, Mercury retrograde means practically nothing, except that you would not want to lock its influence in by undertaking some new bold initiative under its influence; because that would mean increased (and problematical) subjectivity, proneness to errors of perception, and hard to define hindrances to communications.  That, however, is now all past us for a few months. 

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week should be pleasant enough, all things being equal.  If anything the first part of this week should be used for working on our social skills, improving our current relationships, and becoming more adept at various communication avenues. 

Monday of course is the peaking of the aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, which will be detailed below.  Suffice to say, a lot of big thoughts and words should be had; and truth could be the first casualty in the assault of the man onto the greater world. 

The upcoming weekend then should pull us back to “reality” as it were, as two powerful malefic influences blend and intensify their influences; that of Saturn and Uranus.   The sense of tension and struggle could increase, as well as the resentment against restriction and control.  Positive developments could occur in the realms of law and governance, science and technology; but maybe not without some pre-existing differences of opinion.  This influence peaks on Monday, July 31. 

Mon, July 24, New Moon in Sidereal Cancer
As over the last four or five days and very powerful and spiritually invigorating influence is present.  Vigor, of course, does not necessarily mean of all purity and light.  The ability to direct and utilize resources and forces beyond oneself will be greatly enhanced.  “Miracles” and positive developments can occur.  In other ways the manifestations may be less divinely brilliant, but still charged with a magnetism of a lesser psychic sort.  It may be very easy for those with a compulsion to do big things and consequently accrue to themselves a lot of acclaim (to assuage basically an underlying sense of inadequacy).  It may seem now as well that the ends of certain initiatives will justify the means, that the ability to bend fact and truth is seen as a virtue.  Persuasion, discussion, and thought will be greatly enhanced; as well as our higher spiritual faculties that allow us to do things in a more masterful manner.  Accuracy of judgment may not be so good right now, as grandiosity and arrogance overtakes our better reason.  It is a new moon right now also; the above astrology aside we may find ourselves a little out of touch with normal groundedness.  There could also be some love/relationship developments.  (Jupiter semisquare Pluto, Venus semisquare Juno, Mercury tridecile Jupiter, New Moon in sidereal Cancer)

Wed, July 26
Today vivacious and eager to connect Venus harmonizes with vibrant and uplifting Jupiter to assist all in the complex human game of relationships, where it is not posturing against others for the greatest personal gain, but sharing and multiplying the commodity of love for the gain of all.  Be careful of tendencies to overindulge, satisfing the tastebuds at the expanse of the health of the body or bank account.  Be wary also of superficiality or engaging in relationships for reasons only to compensate for what might be a self-perceived lack of relationships.  Cultural, artistic, and spiritual venue should be enhanced; a trip to the museum, the art gallery, or library can be beneficial.  You might find a whole new area of interest, especially so since Mercury is about to go direct in the next two days.  (Venus trine Jupiter)

Thurs, July 27
No Peaking Influences

Fri, July 28
Mercury, the trickster moves back into direct motion; symbolizing that thought, words, and communications in general should be more upfront, clear, and direct-to-the-point.  Therefore again we have the “green light” for traditional business/mundane affairs.  Today should be lively and animated, maybe with a lot of running-back-and-forth.  On a higher level Mercury symbolizes wisdom; debate, lectures, and educational opportunities of an advanced nature should be fortuitous.  (Mercury stationary direct)

Sat, July 29
Relationships and the proclivity to love will be activated today.  Subtle, unconscious  factors in people coming together will be of greater weight; and the propensity to use relationships as a form of escapism will be prevalent as well.  Strong, deep, but not necessarily true feelings for another may arise today.  Relationship developments that occur right now may lead to problematical issues later on.  (Juno trine Jupiter, Venus biquintile Neptune)

Sun, July 30
Connections to others today will be influenced by the need to jointly work together for the common good, to let a more refined and less possessive love guide the course of associations.  There could be excitement between individuals today; fleeting though, that is, do not try to seize and hold onto it greedily.  The tensions and strains slated to peak tomorrow having to do with ideas, and maybe who and what is in control may start to peak. (Venus trine Uranus)

Mon, July 31
Freedom is not free, as they way.  It takes work and discipline.  Inasmuch as freedom is our birthright as children of the Lord of the Universe; sometimes we have to forge and win our freedom to exercise our higher central prerogatives.  Freedom is in the mind, and not merely in the body to do as it pleases.  It is not indulgence or excess; it means not to be dependent on anyone or anything, that all that one needs to live and thrive is found in abundance within.  Some of the anxieties attached to these issues will be coming up now, others saying that we have to work hard and micromanage everything in our lives in order to sustain happiness and felicity and then others saying you have to plant a bomb underneath those in power and start up your own little fiefdom, but now with you in control.  Nevertheless the Saturnian fear of losing control or sense of inadequacy causing one to overcompensate, runs up against the higher, more universal influences of Uranus that causes us to work in specialized groups for less egoically-invested enterprises.  (Saturn quincunx Uranus, Sun biquintile Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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