July 1, 2022
July 2022 Predictions: Humanity Turning the Corner
by Curtis Burns,

July 2022 Vedic Astrology Predictions: Earth at Aphelion, Jupiter semisquare Saturn, Juno Stationary Retrograde

July fourth is an interesting day in a couple ways, it is Independence Day in the US, and it’s also the day of the year that Earth is at aphelion, or at its farthest point from the Sun in its elliptical orbit.

As the US is the current world superpower, it seems interesting to me that the idea of a nation founded upon a concept of freedom unprecedented in human history, that the Earth would be at the farpoint-node of its elliptical orbit around the Sun, which could easily symbolize the Spirit or Source on the day of that founding. Perihelion - Aphelion

Either Man has experienced millennia of subjugation and now he’s “turning the corner” back to closeness with God or Spirit, and therefore freedom (whatever that exactly means); or, Man is crazy deluding himself that he can do anything he wants (or can get away with) and now he’s turning the corner realizing that it’s not so simple or that some conceptions of freedom are DELUSORY and he needs to “go back” to a more humble-spiritual approach whereby freedom means “slavery” to his God and His will or law.

I think both extremes could equally apply to mankind.

Supermoon July 2022

On the thirteenth of July we have the full moon at perigee, or closest to earth, called in modern parlance a supermoon.  The Moon looks just a bit bigger and brighter in the sky, and it could be considered to be a few days of intensified lunar (reflected sunlight) light upon us.

July 2022 Tempered Wisdom of Jupiter and Saturn

On July 21, we have the exact semi-square (45 degrees angular distance on the ecliptic) between Jupiter and Saturn, which should indicate a watershed point of tempered wisdom or need for re-working of our plans and affairs.  Saturn giving Jupiter new data to cogitate upon.  Jupiter giving inspiration to Saturn to problem-solve with.

Jupiter likes to leap past the sense of limitation.  Saturn says, “let’s keep it real”.

Jupiter and Saturn are called the great chronocrators, and at age 58-60 their cycles coincide, which is sort of a human high point of accomplishment.  Five cycles of twelve year Jupiter cycles (60) and two sets of 29 year Saturn cycles (58-60 years).

We might do well to remember that the last conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was at the beginning of 2020 (which also had an assist with Pluto and a couple other heavy planets).  While this aspect in July 2022 does not have the magnitude of a conjunction, we at least get an idea of the far-reachingness this configuration signifies.

Juno Asteroid Stationary Retrograde July 2022

On July 25, 2022 Juno the asteriod of relationships makes a retrograde station.  We can expect a few days before and after this point significant high or low points in relationship development.  It might be a subtle thing but during this time the concept of ‘working things out together’ may be put to the test.

Day by Day

Friday, July 1
This day is especially made for steeled courage, will and effort to overcome intimidating circumstances.  Victory is won first in the mind, then in the physical.  Like the Stoics are want to say: the obstacle IS the way.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mars square Pluto, Venus conjunct Aldebaran/Antares axis)

Saturday, July 2
Dysfunctionality analyzed in the mirror of experience.  (Mercury trine Saturn, square Neptune)

Sunday, July 3
Emotional and relationship dysfunctionality laid clear.  Relationships are mirrors to the psyche.  Apply corrective adjustments, as otherwise you may not have much choice.  (Venus tridecile Saturn, sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Monday, July 4
Independence Day USA
Earth at Aphelion
As the US celebrates it’s birth of it’s ideals, coincidentally the Earth is at it’s farthest distance from the Sun, called aphelion.  Maybe it could be thought of as a spiritual winter, now making the round back to perihelion, or closest to the Sun and receiving the full intensity of the solar rays.

Tuesday, July 5
Self-actualized magic. Choose, dare to be all that spontaneously emerges from you.  Resist the lying whispers of mediocrity, procrastination, or inadequacy.  Reacquaint yourself with passionate endeavors.  (Sun tridecile Neptune, Mercury sextile Mars, Venus semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, July 6
Agitate for the good of all. Surprising turns. (Mercury semisquare Uranus, Moon opposite Jupiter)

Thursday, July 7
First Quarter Moon
The Moon on Spica/Arcturus stars gives inspiration and good fortune.

Friday, July 8
Very early on, Moon opposing Mars, incites action, reaction, and/or urgency to crisis.

Saturday, July 9
Wisdom acquired through experience.  Good outcomes, but jarring or shocking developments later on.  (Mercury square Jupiter, sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus quintile Jupiter, Moon on Algol star)

Sunday, July 10
Mercury at Aphelion
Courage to persevere through difficult junctures enables brilliant solutions.  Significant emotional and relationship experiences.  (Sun biquintile Saturn, Venus biquintile Pluto)

Monday, July 11
Creativity and inspiration, the sense of beauty and love.  (Mercury tridecile Neptune, Moon opposite Venus)

Tuesday, July 12
Emotions and relationships fall into their proper places.  (Venus trine Saturn)

Wednesday, July 13
Moon at Perigee
Full Moon (Supermoon or Super Buck Moon)
As the full moon is closest to the Earth this time, there could be a tad more intensity to everything.  Relationships and attitudes are attenuated, and with urgency.  One draws strength from aligning oneself with a greater cause and there is no substitute for hard works therein.  (Mercury quintile Mars and biquintile Saturn, Mars quintile Saturn, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mars semisquare Juno, Sun trine Juno)

Thursday, July 14
Emotions and appearances trick our heart, but they knew we were an easy mark.  (Venus square Neptune)

Friday, July 15
Connections and feelings potentized. Early evening, US time, the Moon and Saturn conjunct brings a spirit of importance to affairs. (Mercury trine Juno, Venus opposite Galactic Center)

Saturday, July 16
Mercury at Superior Conjunction
Realizations, perspective gained, there is a lot of work to be accomplished if life is going to change. The Sun comes between Mercury and the Earth.  (Sun and Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Sunday, July 17
Creativity, sublime repose. Intuitive power. Be careful activating dysfunctional patterns. (Sun and Mercury trine Neptune)

Monday, July 18
Power without conscience or ethical center.  Be careful and considerate of others.  Penetrative reasoning, power to persuade. Later evening, US time, the Moon and Jupiter conjunct delivers added confidence or audacity. (Mercury opposite Pluto)

Tuesday, July 19
Amaze the world today.  (Sun tridecile Jupiter and opposite Pluto, Mercury quintile Uranus)

Wednesday, July 20
Last Quarter Moon
Motivational misdirects, energetic failures.  Overcome passivity.  Emotional and relationship resets.  (Mars semisquare Neptune, Venus semisquare Uranus)

Thursday, July 21
Moon Occults Mars
Reset, rework, and review.  Don’t let misfortune steal your motivation.  Meet challenge with daring.  The Moon blots out Mars in the sky. (Jupiter semisquare Saturn)

Friday, July 22
Surprising turns, shocks to the status quo.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno, Moon conjunct Uranus, Moon conjunct Algol star)

Saturday, July 23
The way less traveled can yield rewards today. Surprising shocks early on. (Moon conjunct Pleiades, Sun quintile Uranus, Mercury trine Jupiter, Moon on Aldebaran/Antares axis)

Sunday, July 24
Unusual, disappointing or confusing turns in affairs.  Sense comes with perspective after some time.  Stay positive.  (Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Monday, July 25
Juno Stationary Retrograde
Accentuated relationship developments.  While some things may be nice, they can ultimately be a distraction.  (Venus square Jupiter, Venus tridecile Juno)

Tuesday, July 26
Moon at Apogee
Haste, impatience, and agitation.  Remember diplomacy and your own culpability in making things happen in the past. Even so, moments of tenderness and passion. (Mercury square Mars, Moon conjunct Venus)

Wednesday, July 27
Move with vigor towards significant goals, be a formidable agent of change. (Mars tridecile Pluto)

Thursday, July 28
Jupiter Stationary Retrograde
Delta-Aquarid Meteor Shower
New Moon
Higher risks point to higher rewards, act with preparation so that successes are not fleeting. Strive for realism and practicality, even when others have their heads in the clouds.  (Mercury square Uranus, Venus tridecile Neptune, Mercury biquintile Neptune)

Friday, July 29
Significant relationship turns, strive for respect and honor in your dealings.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Moon conjunct Mercury and opposite Saturn)

Saturday, July 30
Important developments in relationships.  Mercury moves into sidereal Leo to help with self-confidence and personal power.  (Mercury quincunx Juno)

Sunday, Julyt 31
Changes, new perspectives, measured progress. Achieving stability and purpose/reality in relationships.   (Mercury opposite Saturn, sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus biquintile Saturn, Sun trine Jupiter)

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