July 17-24, 2006: Boosted Personal Abilities, Possible Ethical Lapses

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There are a few things to be said about the recent eruption of war between Israel and Palestine last week that are mainly political facts regarding the situation.  So that will be the subject of a blog or article that I will write in the next day or so. 

The astrology however bears out the larger patterns and forces at work.  If one takes into account the particulars of the war in the Middle East and that other war brewing over there; there are indeed to be seen the overall patterns of deception and manipulation of the world’s perceptions of the world at large.  This again points to the alreadywritten-about-here opposition of Saturn and Neptune, which makes its first peak of intensity around the end of August 2006. 

The actual physical eruption coincided with the trine of Mars to Pluto activating deep latent violence and destruction; and which was capped off by a configuration of the Sun and Jupiter heightening self-righteous rhetoric on both sides of the conflict, the Israeli government and the Palestinian Hezbollah.  There is nothing like good TV of talking heads heated proclaiming their right to vanquish their foes.  The US government as Israel’s greatest ally echoing the sentiment, especially as it reinforces their own self-righteous campaign against similar enemies. 

This is also of course taking place as Jupiter (with a key stressor from the Sun at that time) is recently turned retrograde; truth is no obstacle to a good speech apparently. 

This week the situation will undoubtedly escalate over the coming weekend as the Sun makes an aspect to Pluto and Jupiter itself (debilitated by retrogradation) gets a very strong push from Pluto on Monday, the 24th.  The weekend upcoming could be a key time for developmental occurrences in the global situation especially regarding the uses of large expenditures, the passage of laws, and the fomenting of religious fervor. 

On a more microcosmic level we might find ourselves dealing with larger issues and maybe caught up in very-powerful-feeling situations sparking our ardor and enthusiasm for life; but we need to be careful of neglecting the important details, or just being rather over-zealous and in error with our judgments.  Creativity, intellectual, and spiritual work should be boosted, as would our ability to influence events and situations to go our way. 

Mon, July 17
Early on US time deep and powerful urges and feelings might arise; be careful how you act on them (even if you may be sleeping.)  Some situations may breakdown, while in some others breakthroughs may occur.  An enchanting, but possibly deceptive relationship influence is present today.  The other person in your eyes may only be a reflecting mirror of some of your most cherished hopes and fantasies.  Some people may present possibilities, but usually they will fall short of delivering on them.   You might find yourself connected to people who are in need of help; you may need to see through them how seeming weakness is really great strength.  There could be issues of substance abuse surrounding relationships.  (Sun quincunx Pluto, Juno opposite Neptune)

Tues, July 18
Early on US time, the mutual fiery and animated influence of Mars and Jupiter reinforce each other.  Sleep might be a little restless.  The desire to make things happen, to MOVE, to make a statement will be very stressed into manifestation.  Impulsivity may be overly amplified, so it would be good to be sure that any actions you find yourself motivated to take are not simply premature or ill-considered.  The spirituality of initiative and action are emphasized; most likely accompanied by a lot of boastful, or thinly veiled arrogance.  In the US and other regions of the world there clearly seems to be an uprising of self-rightousness, where it is okay to thrust one’s beliefs and ideas upon another.  The Sun conjunct Mercury early today also emphasizes the activation of the mind, with Mercury actually retrograde could mean again thoughts or ideas that are not entirely free from subjectivity and therefore error or bias.  (Mars quintile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury)

Wed, July 19
It is difficult for me to accurately anticipate today’s astrology.  Saturn makes a minor hard aspect to the Nodes, but the Nodes are sort of shadowy in their timing.  The Nodes are not planets after all, but a mathematical/geometric abstraction of the intersection of the orbits of the Sun and Moon.  The Nodes do work powerfully though; they are perhaps one of the most powerful points in anyone’s chart.  So Saturn’s aspect to the Nodes at this time (maybe a week or so overall) means strained relationships and difficulties in the applying of oneself to one’s destiny.  Right about now the ability to be upbeat and optimistic could be difficult to access; but of course the temptation to fall into depression should not be indulged.  We have to persevere through the worst of straits; things always get better, and the experience of persevering through difficult situations produces amazing empowering of effects in us.  We pay the price, as it were, through Saturn’s initiations; in return he gives us strength, integrity, and realism.  So at least in a fragmentary-diffuse way people may be experiencing these types of situations; they’re certainly feeling it in the Middle East right now.  In other matters the ability to persuade and deliver your thoughts and opinions will be tremendously empowered, you could even make mental/psychological breakthroughs.  Be careful in using your mind and voice ethically.  (Saturn sesquiquadrate Node, Mercury quincunx Pluto)

Thurs, July 20
Unusual or sudden relationship situations may come about; they may be exciting and purposely oriented towards what’s good for all.  Such relationships however may end quite suddenly as well.  (Venus tridecile Uranus) 

Fri, July 21
There is a somewhat weak relationship-inciting influence present today which may connect up with tomorrow’s Venus/Neptune connection tomorrow.  (Juno biquintile Node) 

Sat, July 22
Early on today (US time) the urge to break off from patterns and social constraints will be activated.  Also Venus connects up with Neptune early on; the feeling of love may come on a little too easily, maybe because a relationship can be seen as an easy out from more difficult situations that need to be navigated alone.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus sesquiquadrate Neptune) 

Sun, July 23
A minor, but powerfully experienced interval in our life should be emerging right now over the next two or three days.  Today the Sun connects up with Pluto and deepens the emotional investment in life that we have; ethics and appropriateness may be at issue.  There could be significant breakdown or breakthroughs right now.  Some of the deeper and more mysterious aspects of life may come to the fore such as psychology, metaphysics, death and regeneration, and the occult.  (Sun biquintile Pluto) 

Mon, July 24, New Moon in Sidereal Cancer
As over the last four or five days and very powerful and spiritually invigorating influence is present.  Vigor, of course, does not necessarily mean of all purity and light.  The ability to direct and utilize resources and forces beyond oneself will be greatly enhanced.  “Miracles” and positive developments can occur.  In other ways the manifestations may be less divinely brilliant, but still charged with a magnetism of a lesser psychic sort.  It may be very easy for those with a compulsion to do big things and consequently accrue to themselves a lot of acclaim (to assuage basically an underlying sense of inadequacy).  It may seem now as well that the ends of certain initiatives will justify the means, that the ability to bend fact and truth is seen as a virtue.  Persuasion, discussion, and thought will be greatly enhanced; as well as our higher spiritual faculties that allow us to do things in a more masterful manner.  Accuracy of judgment may not be so good right now, as grandiosity and arrogance overtakes our better reason.  It is a new moon right now also; the above astrology aside we may find ourselves a little out of touch with normal groundedness.  There could also be some love/relationship developments.  (Jupiter semisquare Pluto, Venus semisquare Juno, Mercury tridecile Jupiter, New Moon in sidereal Cancer)

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