Jan 5-12, 2008: Astro-Success

by | Jan 5, 2009 | Predictions

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Mon, Jan 5
There may be sudden seizures of shock, hysteria, and alarm upon the group or individual consciousness; which sometimes can be coincided by accidents or injuries.  Be careful.  (Mars quintile Uranus)

Tues, Jan 6
Motivation and the ability to move on impulses could be mysteriously blocked or hindered right now.  Deceitful, co-dependent, and compulsive behaviors may come out more.  Physical vitality may be down, use of substances and other escapist means may be more prevalent today.  Some as they persevere though may find room to act on behalf of others, but some personal sacrifice may be required.  (Mars semisquare Neptune)

Wed, Jan 7
No peaking influences

Thurs, Jan 8
A spirit of darkness or pessimism may influence the day, actions or thought may be inhibited, tendencies towards criticism (self or otherwise) are increased.  Underlying frustrations may simmer and boil if the pressure is not adroitly let off, circumstances and situations may seem “against you”.  Be careful of joints, tendons, bones, and muscles; but other types of injuries are possible in extreme cases.  Focus work may be extremely effective however.  (Mars tridecile Saturn, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Fri, Jan 9
Independence and the desire to exercise your unique proclivities may be strong; situations may align which help you therein.  People today can better appreciate others’ individualities, and more friendly spirit may prevail.  (Sun sextile Uranus)

Sat, Jan 10
Mercury, the messenger god-planet, turns retrograde today.  Usually this is not very significant, but traditionally for the next 21 or so days signing important documents and starting new ventures is not fated to go smoothly.  In other areas a calmer, more methodical approach is favored and enhanced, which can allow more significant progress.  (Mercury stationary retrograde, Sun trine Saturn)

Sun, Jan 11
No much to comment on today except the Sun enters the sidereal sign of Capricorn, a “sidereal solstice” if you will. Some astrologers have found the charts of the exact moment of the ingress into a sidereal cardinal sign creates a powerful chart for the next three months. 

Mon, Jan 12
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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