Jan 30-Feb 5: Dying with a Flourish

by | Jan 29, 2007 | Predictions

Tue, Jan 30
The power of ideas and their ability to transform reality should be very strong today, as well as big words and egos that know no bounds.  Be careful about pushing the envelope with ethics and what is appropriate.  (Mercury quintile Jupiter)

Wed, Jan 31
The hypnotic power of the voice and charisma should be strong again today.  Be careful that what works through you is really you and not some lesser, albeit more seemingly powerful shadow of your self.  (Mercury sextile Pluto)

Over the next couple of days as the Moon is fully illuminated in the sign of its rulership and as the Sun aspects rather powerful planets, the mind and sense of self and its abilities should be very strong.  The “green light” is on to move forward with purposeful and important goals.  Be careful of riding roughshod over other’s best intensions; the feeling could be present that “my course is right because all righteousness is on my side”, which can explain a host of crudities.  Later in the day breakdowns could occur. 

Fri, Feb 2
Early on, more for European longitudes, there could be collapses and breakdowns stemming from rotting and decaying matter.  On a more psychological level ideas based on essentially rotten concepts may take on power, but flameout soon enough.  Be careful of associating with individuals with unethical or threatening characteristics; and be careful of aberrant behavior on your part.  (Sun semisquare Pluto)

Sat, Feb 3
A turn of good luck may trick the mind to think that things are easier than they really are.  Wild excitement may find itself seizing your world; be careful of any latent rashness or impulsivity that could cause you to perform actions that you later regret.  Discussion, education, and creativity should be very profitable.  (Sun sextile Jupiter, Mars sextile Uranus)

Sun, Feb 4
Important relationships may make significant turns today.  One way relationships are important is that we learn how to assert ourselves in the context of our larger associations.  Later relationship emotions may become quite strong.  (Sun tridecile Juno)

Mon, Feb 5
Emotions may run strong, hot, and deep.  Be careful about subsuming yourself too deeply into your tryst(s), unnecessarily sacrificing your self-sovereignty in the situation(s).  If you let the feelings and their attendant energies flow through you, you might find yourself transported to a place where more profound change can take place.  Some things (like relationships) die with a flourish, but no more to rise.  (Venus quintile Pluto)

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