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Sun, Jan 25
Anxiety, frustration, and acute feeling of suffering may accompany misfortunate turns of events.  A lot of your inconsistencies and personal liabilities may come out for you to address.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Mon, Jan 26

Mercury sextiles Venus increasing cordiality for all. See more eclipse info about today here. 

Tue, Jan 27

Sudden occurrences may jar your sensibilities as to what is "normal" or acceptable, even if it means accepting more prosperity and happiness into your life!  Early on in European time zones, there may be moments of alarm, hysteria, or urgency.  (Jupiter semisquare Uranus, Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus aspects Nodes)

Wed, Jan 28
Significant connection and life-situations may come about right now, especially in regard to the sense of personal power and life-mission.  (Sun conjunct North Node)

Thurs, Jan 29
No peaking influences.

Fri, Jan 30
Progress may seem halting and laborious, but it is progress nevertheless.  Each obstacle is an important illusion in your mind to overcome.  (Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Sat, Jan 31
No peaking influences.

Sun, Feb 1
Mercury turns direct; affairs should go smoothly, if not briskly.  The mind may experience sparkling clarity and acuity. 

Mon, Feb 2

No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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