Tues, Jan 23
The over-arching planetary influences today will be cordiality in communications, appreciation and love for one another, and being able to enjoy the better things life has to offer.  Be careful about spending too much money, we can easily believe in this materialistic society that money = greatness.  Be careful also about spending some of that money on “rich” foods, so we can feel like kings and queens at a banquet for a little while at least.  Such pleasures are short-lived as the consequences come soon enough.  Creativity however should be stimulated; new heights of beauty and grace can be attained.  The interconnectedness of our lives will be accented also; sometimes when we communicate to another person our words are like clubs and sticks getting our points across.  Listening, however, seems to be rare art.  Sometimes communication is not just words and phrases intellectually exchanging information.  A lot of times communication is a smile, understanding another person’s feelings, knowing what to say to help them where they are at right now.  (Venus quintile Jupiter, Mercury tridecile Juno)

Wed, Jan 24
No Peaking Influences

Thur, Jan 25
Early on US time the love and feelings between friends and loved ones will be important.  Finding his or her wavelength will be more possible today, enhanced by the harmonious positioning of Venus to Juno to each other today.  (Venus trine Juno)

Fri, Jan 26
Deeper, more subtle, and contextually fascinating parts of other people will be more evident today as you interact with others.  Be careful however of unconscious innuendos between you and another, leading you both to a place you do not need to be.  Highly refined and beautiful thoughts and feelings may seize your mind, which of course is a good “catch” for any writer or artist.  Their skills eternally enshrine them into accessible form, which serve to inspire generations to come.  Sometimes on days like these we perceive not what is really out there but what we want to believe is out there, and therefore subsequently we get that sting of disappointment.  After many stings though are we not awakened?  (Venus sextile Pluto, Mercury conjunct Neptune)

Sat, Jan 27
Talk about stings; after a few days of benefic-oriented planets interacting along come the malefics once again.  Frustrations, stones of figurative and literally stumbling, and various other sorts of complaints, moans, and groans can be heard today.  Be careful of the bones, joints, and muscles; but properly warmed up, get ready for some intense labor.  Your muscles after today may swell with added power as you find within you reserves heretofore unaccessed.  Be careful of cursing too loudly about obstacles and delays, lest you actually trick yourself into believing what is happening is bad!  The only problem is with you and your inappropriate-to-the-task predisposition(s).  Today the rubber meets the road to truly understanding what it takes to make things happen.  (Mars semisquare Saturn)

Sun, Jan 28
Ouch.  Sometimes even thinking of something is painful.  Some “negative” news, thoughts, realization, and/or conversations may occur today.  People may not feel particularly jolly, as Saturn’s cold gray rays interact with Mercury’s normally bright radiance.  We may find ourselves stumbling around like depressed mules for a little while before we kick ourselves back into happy mode.  Alternatively, we may all become obsessively analytical and try to figure out everything; which is another sure way to unhappiness.  A few of us though will use this astrology as an opportunity to exercise some much-needed organization to our affairs and inject some realism and practicality into the way we do things.  In some other areas passionate relationships and connections may form; a little edge of anger that needs to be channeled into constructive, purposeful action with another but not necessarily into a heated, but diversionary little interlude.  (Mercury opposite Saturn, Mars quintile Juno)

Mon, Jan 29
Be careful about heated words and easily bruised egos bouncing around like billiard balls.  Be careful on the roadways as well, people being impatient and wanting to get somewhere fast.  On days like these however we can permanently gain some much-need self-assertion.  The mind and voice can have a particularly effective and penetrating manner to it today.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)