Astrology Week of Dec 21, 2009; Intense Christmas, Winter Solstice, Lunar Returns

This Christmas week astrology is rather severe, as it will be through New Year’s.  Here in snowy Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, USA weather forecasts are projecting a winter storm coinciding exactly with the aspects of Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto over Christmas 2009.

It is not so much that the aforementioned planets rule snow and storms; rather I find that that they rule the chaos and disruption that snow and storms bring to life.  Dealing with harsh winter conditions is stressful, disruptive, and dangerous indeed; thus the planet “foretell”  a time of increased emotional anxiety and physical turbulence exactly at the time of this storm rolling through the US Midwest.

Health Care Reform Legislation

On the other end of the spectrum presumably this astrological configuration will coincide with the current US health care reform legislation in the Senate, senators will be working overtime to get this bill through.  The astrology of the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Pluto indicate fanatical, over the top and potentially oppressive actions.  The current bill Congress seems to be quite proud of, but upon analysis one would question how “nice” this legislation is: mandated insurance purchases with severe penalty of fine and imprisonment for not complying, no public option or single payer scheme, benefit cuts, increased taxes, and nothing “free”.

Arguably an insurance company’s dream, such a thing could only exist by force of arms.  Call it corporate fascism.

Winter Solstice

It is also the Winter Solstice (“standing still”) 2009, the Sun pauses for a day at its closest approach to the horizon at midday and starts getting higher and higher in the sky making the days longer and longer again.  The solstices and equinoxes are very key to western astrology because the zodiac system they employ is determined by the exact position of the Sun on the vernal equinox.  Alternatively, solstices are of less importance to sidereal astrologers like me because our zodiac system is anchored in the actual starry constellations themselves.

I refrain from jumping into the sidereal/tropical debate in zodiacs, but I’ll point out the difference in emphasis.  The tropical zodiac is based on the relationship of the Earth to the Sun with the turning of the seasons; the sidereal zodiac is based on the relationship of the Earth to the stars and their seemingly eternal fixity in the heavens.  Both systems would seem to be a valid way to chart matters of the soul and destiny; but I would ask any one to compare both types of charts with their self, family, and people they know and determine for themselves which system seems to do the job better.

New Predictive Charts

A lot of people attempt to do predictions based on tropical charts of solstices or equinoxes with pretty unremarkable results in my opinion, however I am starting to experiment with sidereal charts of same events and I’ll be reporting on my results in the future here on SWN.  I’m finding pretty good results with sidereal lunar returns and I’ve started to incorporate them into my work with clients.  If you want to have a picture of your life for the next month or so, check out the sidereal chart of when the Moon returns to its exact natal position.

For instance my lunar return occurred this month on November 29, 2009; the Moon in Aries (my natal Moon sign) was in the first house (the house of the self), and its dispositor Mars (The planet ruling my moon sign) was in Cancer in the fourth house.  This is a sort of solitary configuration with connotations about one’s family roots and their connections to them.

As it turns out there was a death in my family of someone who was very big in my early life and I wanted very much to attend his funeral and reconnect with people whom I haven’t seen in 30+ years, I wanted to bring my son along as well.  It turns out that a massive winter storm prevented me from going and I felt a little bit alone and disconnected from my early roots; life seemed to be more interested in moving me into the future and undistracted by others instead of reliving past versions of myself.

Then it happened again, another winter storm is preventing me from going back to the city where I grew up and being with my family for Christmas this year.  I’m not necessarily sad about this and I’m not interested in telling personal stories than I am in describing what I think is a dramatic demonstration of the power of sidereal lunar returns.  I’m in the process of putting together a new type of inexpensive short term reading based on this technique supported by other western and Vedic astrological techniques, you’ll be hearing more about this in the future.

This week Christmas may have some emotional tension, if not blockages to the expected sense of holiday cheer.  This could be facilitated through events and situations beyond our control such as the weather, political, or economic forces.  It would not be advisable to take unnecessary risks December 24-27, 2009, and don’t put yourself in a danger zone if you can help it.  If you live in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, or some other war zone be very, very careful.

On the flip side, during Christmas a lot of focused, determined work could pay off well but it may not be so easy right off the bat.  Next week relationships may start off hot and heavy, but may turn cold very quickly.

Day by Day

Monday, December 21
Brotherhood, compassion, and inspiration will be amplified; transcendent elation and a refined sense of love will seem to flood our minds.  Be careful of ill-thought-out plans, being deceived (or self-deceived), and deceptive behaviors masked by good intention.  Early on there could be some moments of urgency, alarm, or hysteria; communication may be hindered. (Jupiter conjunct Neptune, Mercury quincunx Mars)

Tuesday, December 22
Important relationships and power-dynamics within them will be highlighted; ego issues may hamper relationships.  (Sun square Juno)

Wednesday, December 23
Important messages and intellectual matters will be highlighted, as it will again Sat, Dec. 26 as Mercury goes retrograde. (Mercury conjunct Node)

Thursday, December 24
This may be a day of intensity and the potential to abuse power and resources.  Charisma and personal magnetism will be strong, and unconscious trends may direct affairs.  Desire and ambition could be people’s “weak”  points right now, a situation that could be exploited.  Physical and/or mechanical breakdowns are possible; be careful about overzealousness pushing you past safe limits.  Be careful about limits and boundaries in general.  (Sun conjunct Pluto)

Friday, December 25, Christmas
On the day we are supposed to feel happy and full of cheer, be careful that is not the pathological pursuit of joy through such means as intoxication or other aberrant behaviors.  The sense of limits and obstacles may be acute, as well as the reactions thereof.  Don’t fly off the handle, say or do inappropriate things; stay cool, some patience and tenacity may go a long way to making something good today.  Be careful of accidents, injuries, and conflicts.  Make it a merry Christmas, even if you have to “work” at it.   (Sun square Saturn, sesquiquadrate Mars)

Saturday, December 26
Mercury turns retrograde for a few weeks.  Today intellectual, analytical, and communicative abilities will be accentuated; be careful about jumping to conclusions.

Sunday, December 27
While relationship issues will be highlighted, today will be very much like Christmas two days ago.  Keep patience and retain an open, positive mind about things.  Obstacles and difficulties may test your ability to stay calm and useful.  Focus, determination and patience will go a long way.  Hard physical work and exercise of a deliberative nature such as weight lifting or yoga will be favored; but be very conscious of potentials for injury to bones, joints or muscles; injuries from sharp metal objects as well.  (Mars semisquare Saturn, Venus square Juno)

Monday, December 28
Emotions will be strong, going to extremes at times; relationships are highlighted.  Lots of potential for meetings and relationships to start.  (Venus conjunct Pluto, Juno square Pluto, Mercury quintile Juno, Venus sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury conjunct Node)

Curtis Burns
Mercury, God of Thieves

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