Mars/Pluto Astrology Last Week of August

Astrology of IntensityThere is certainly some astrology to talk about right now, my apologies for getting this out a little late.

Mars is now opposing Pluto, which is quite a powerful combination if there ever was one.  The aspect will be exact on Wednesday, August 26, 2009.  You can think of Pluto to be the next level of manifestation that Mars typically is, but which is not to say that there aren’t differences between the two.

In my simplified keyword definition of Mars it is action/desire and Pluto is intensity/depth.  Therefore, put them together and you get intense action and great depth of desire associated with it.  Pluto and Mars can also embody more of the unsavory element of human behavior and psychology, which might also be activated in everybody.

Some of us may experience it in ourselves, while others project the energy onto others they encounter.  However things do manifest in our affairs, a good degree of circumspection can be very important.  Desire and obsessions are usually connected in human psychology, and obsessions by definition are un-rational and control us more than we control them.

In extreme cases Mars/Pluto astrology coincides with misfortune, injury, and crisis.  Those in circumstance or situations that carry a greater amount of risk (such as living in a village of Afghanistan) need to be aware of the potential for “disaster” to strike.

In a more positive vein, this type of astrology favors intense physical activity and working through major obstacles.  Pluto can also have the effect though of intensifying Mars’ fear of powerlessness, which he strives to compensate for by acting fierce or deriding others as weak or “unmanly”.

A lot of bullies you meet out there act that way more out of a sense of trying to prove their strength to compensate for an underlying sense of inadequacy; the people they “beat up” are those that represent actually the most self-hated parts of themselves.

Mars activating Pluto now also triggers in part the astrological factors that I elucidated at length about in my ebook Mounting Challenges 2009; there could be more developments right now that will be very pivotal in the next 18-24 months to come.

Venus also enters this equation by making a quincunx to Pluto (and semi-sextile to Mars); this can bring relationship issues into the overall working-out of this time.



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