Astrology for the Week of May 16, 2011

Mon, May 16
Communications and relationships may be made greater through discussions, spirituality, and cultural activities.  People may see more in others than is really there.  (Mercury conjunct Venus, sextile to Neptune)

Tues, May 17
Anxieties of all types may punctuate the day at various times, brought about by events as much as predisposition to feel those emotions.  However the proactive solution for today is to see every “problem” or cause for feelings of intense self-adequacy, self-condemnation, or projecting those sentiments onto others, is to endeavor to see how you and you alone are the responsible party for the situations at issue.  Further, see how you can endeavor to resolutely resolve those self-created situations, taking whatever dose of humility is required and rolling up your sleeves for some hard work to turn them around.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Wed and Thurs, May 18-19
No peaking influences

Friday, May 20
Intensely interesting day possible, be careful of pushing the envelope too much causing breakdown of bodily, emotional, or relationship resources.  A sort of hysteria/hyper-excited state of mind may ensue, causing situations of alarm and/or potential breakthroughs in personal areas.  It could be a situation ripe for exploitation, and the temptation to act inappropriately will be heightened.  Obsessive or compulsive states or behaviors are highlighted also.  (Mercury conjunct Mars trine Pluto)

Sat, May 21
Emotional responses and relationships will be strongly accented.  Just beware of emotional states strongly influenced by hidden subconscious agendas which could have very little to do with what is really good for you.  I have noticed in the past the Venus astrology coincides with unusual or severe weather patterns.  (Venus trine Pluto)

Sun, May 22
A day fraught with potential deception, loss of control, and/or abuse of power.  Addictive or deceitful traits may be activated.  Conscientious individuals however may be able to make spiritual and transformative leaps.  Be careful of physical danger zones.  (Sun square Neptune, biquintile Pluto)

Mon, May 23
Relationship matters may be highlighted, as well as passion.  However, a darker cast or a possibility for pathological trends of thought and behavior may be activated also in the context of relationships.  There could be difficulties in establishing connections/communications, and news itself may be of a pessimistic variety.  (Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury quincunx Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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