This is a strong astrology week, as it will for the rest of May 2009.  The main player will be Saturn, that
"dark god" in the sky.  I say that somewhat with a wink, but if you scan for Saturn in the night sky it has a grey, coldish appearance.  If you look up to the night sky between 9 and 11 pm you can see Saturn; in the Northern Hemisphere look south, in the Southern Hemisphere look north.  saturnsky2.jpg

There will be three major hits astrologically concerning Saturn this week: it re-aspects Pluto on Wed, May 13, it goes stationary direct Saturday, May 16, and the Sun makes a tenth-harmonic slam to it and Pluto on Sunday, May 17.  Adding fuel to the fire, the Sun will also make a powerful square to transiting Neptune on Sunday. 

The chronological epicenter should be on Saturday, May 16, as Saturn makes the station; appearing to stop dead in the sky and return to normal forward motion.  Planet stations the most powerful astrological influences there are, so a station of a malefic planet buttressed by a number of lesser malefic aspects to it should prove to be significant for the entire world. 

Emotional stress points will be activated, now is the time to tackle the stuff which we avoided all these years.  Probably the best time to take care of business is when it’s knocking at the door.  Knock, knock….Saturn’s here! 

The aspect of Pluto on Saturn serves to greatly intensify its emotional depth and open the door to profound change.  Pluto can bring up all sorts of magnetic, throbbing energy from the subconscious which may seem quite scary at the time, but it is the rawest form of unfettered change in our lives. 

sumasaplmay09.jpgThe pain of societal transitions brought about by corrupt abuses of power may burn all the more acutely: job losses, grief, reactive measures by government, and exacerbated hysteria by fringe crowds.  With Saturn however everybody must remember that it is ultimately a constructive influence, seeking to bring out a more integrated and honorable form of self-hood in all.  This means hold on and don’t give up, even when it seems beyond hope.  The eclipsing power of base, universal annihilation is at maximum contrast to Saturn’s higher forms of expression. 

In the chart image at left all the planets concerned form a harmonic syndrome, Mars and the Sun do not quite form a decile (36 degrees) to each other, but it’s close.  Nevertheless aspectual patterns (harmonic syndromes)  like this are  powerful, if you’re into sacred geometry you can appreciate its subtlety. 


Sun, May 10
No peaking influences

Mon, May 11
Frustrations at obstacles may flare, making them seem greater than they really are.  The way to react to an opposing or stronger force is not necessarily to try to destroy it, whatever you damage of them you do equally to yourself.  Maintaining calm and self control shows that you may not have ultimate power over the outside environment, at least you have power over yourself.  Power over the self is the first step to real power.  (Mars in Pisces quincunx Saturn retrograde in Leo)

Tuesday, May 12
There could be moments of hysteria, urgency, and irritation; some forceful points may need to be made….however inelegantly they come out.  (Mercury semisquare Mars)

Wednesday, May 13
Building up over the past few days, events and emotions may come to a head triggering substantial changes.  Look for breakthrough, beware of breakdowns (mechanical, bodily, mental, or otherwise).  (Saturn tridecile Pluto)

Thursday and Friday, May 14-15
Be careful how you allocate and spend your precious resources today,  possibly cashing in little too early for some superfluous recreation.  Social events should be very cordial, cultural and spiritual activities are favored.  Beautiful moments in relationships can be at hand, but be careful of over-emotional squandering  which can have sub-themes of escapism in love.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Jupiter, semisquare Neptune)

Saturday and Sunday, May 16-17
At times this day will feel heavy and burdensome, contrasted by moments of exuberance and spontaneous optimism on Saturday.  This can be a very pivotal weekend for all, unexpected events can occur.  There will also be moments of loss of confidence or hope that cause people to act in less than honorable ways.  Physical vitality may be low opening the way for chronic conditions to flare, addictions may be activated.  (Saturn stationary direct, Sun square Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus, Sun square Neptune, Sun biquintile Saturn and Pluto)

Monday, May 18
Mental processes  may be energized; this can be a key day to make connections.  (Sun conjunct Mercury)

 Transit graph hopefully will be posted shortly…..

Mercury, God of Thieves

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