Pluto Transits the Week of October 11, 2010: Liberation

This week the configurations blend the various days’ themes together.  With a higher preponderance of Pluto contacts some of the more intense, obsessive, and deeply powerful emotional issues of our lives may come out; which set up the perfect conditions for changes in human affairs.  God-Whacked

In esotericism transformation is expressed the symbol of death, which is merely a change from one form to another but irrevocably.  The eternal soul does not die but it exits one vessel and quickly enters another.  Or, like the caterpillar in the chrysalis it “dies” as a caterpillar and is “reborn” as the butterfly.

We’re all familiar with the universal process of birth, decay, and death.  You buy a new car and it works great, but eventually parts wear out and need to be replaced, and eventually it is ultimately un-repairable and you have to junk it.  The same goes for another vehicle we possess: our bodies; ultimately they give out and we need a new model.

That is, unless we’ve successfully “traded up” and elected to live in our divine counterpart bodies, our etheric selves.  Doing that is a process of correct choices and alchemical transformation over a long period of time.  The planet Pluto can be seen to govern over the processes of human birth, decay, and death; things tend to breakdown when it is activated or the process is quickened by the activation of self-destructive impulses in the psyche.

On rarer occasions a Pluto action will coincide with a liberation of the spirit (or a portion thereof) through some sort of personal breakthrough or transcendence; which is accomplished through a rather dramatic (and risk-filled) process.  This is the “bottoming out” or “near death” experience that we all know about and have personally gone through at some point or another.

The human spirit can be so obstinate that only a “God-whack” like this will shake us free of our addictions; and I don’t mean merely physical addictions.

Monday, Oct 11
Motivation, drive, and determination may be amped up to extreme levels; the tendency to abuse or misuse people or situations are highlighted.  Sexual issues are brought out.  Physical output (bodily or mechanical) could be called upon to the level of breakdown.  (Mars semisquare Pluto)

Tuesday, Oct 12
Exciting but possibly short-lived emotions and relationship situations may come about; new directions in love may open up to you.  (Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Wednesday, Oct 13
No peaking influences

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Oct 14-16
Intensity and the potential to abuse power are accentuated; obsessive or compulsive tendencies may be lit up.  Breakthroughs on a mental, physical or emotional level are possible; be careful of pushing yourself or others to the point of breakdown.  It is possible to be beguiled or manipulated through the misuse of charisma or personal magnetism, usually this is an unconscious process but lesser motivations and agendas may subvert the conscious will.  (Sun and Mercury quintile Pluto, Mars parallel Pluto)

Sunday and Monday, Oct 17-18
Debate, learning, and analysis are favored; but be sure not to let predispositions bias your conclusions.  Persuasion, creativity, and spirituality are enhanced as well.  Anything may seem possible, which can have the effect of greatly animating the mind, emotions, and body.  (Mercury quincunx Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune, Sun quincunx Jupiter)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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