I’m devoting space this week to an analysis astrologically of the Health Care Reform bill recently passed in the US House of Representatives; which will be signed into law on Tuesday this week barring any Republican interference in the Senate.  The chart of Obama signing the law should be the chart to refer to, however the passing of the bill in the House (10:49 pm, March 21, 2010) is a pretty power-packed chart in itself.

I will be taking a look at the new law astrologically, after it is signed. With all the attendant charts, a pretty interesting picture.  Therefore right now I’m just posting the astrology for this week.  There are no significant patterns to comment on, but I will have some words soon about this week anyway.  Stay tuned.  CB

Day by Day

Sun, March 21
Anxieties and worries may acutely affect functioning, people may see (and act on) the negatives their semi-deranged minds are seeing (Saturn bringing out the semi-deranged parts of their minds).  Pathological or obsessive behaviors, self-destructive tendencies, and the more problematical patterns of action may be brought out.  Obstacle, delays, and other frustrating manifestations may try their hardest to bring you down and prevent you from making a personal victory; however you are your own worst enemy.  Overcome the tendencies Saturn brings out today, and you’ll be near unstoppable.  Significant relationship developments may occur.  The whole day however will have an undertone of “I can do it” though with the Sun trining Mars.  (Sun opposite Saturn, trine Mars; Venus square Nodes)

  • The US House of Representatives passes the Senate Health Care Reform bill, culminating a very aggressive push by Democrats and President Obama.  Interestingly today the Sun in sidereal Pisces exactly opposes Saturn in Virgo only just a few hours previous to the final passing of the bill.  Pisces represents surrendering to a cause, Virgo is a sign related to the health field.  With the vagaries and shifty nature of political dynamics a lot seems to have been promised, but delivering on those promises can be another issue.

Mon, March 22
The feeling of “I can do it” will get stronger as you continue to apply yourself; after a little effort things may go smoothly.  Positive, uplifting relationship developments may occur.  (Mars sextile Saturn, Juno sextile Jupiter)

Tues, March 23

Ideas and issues verbalized may have a confused, overly hopeful, or downright deceitful aspect to them; there could be mysterious gaps or lapses in communication.  Psychological filters, biases, and physical sensitivities may adversely effect the flow of info.  Creativity and spirituality will be accentuated.  (Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Wed, March 24
At times (early on in the US) may have moments of urgency or hysteria; haste and impertinence may hinder affairs.  (Mercury tridecile Mars)

Thurs, March 25
Energies and feelings may become very strong, inducing actions.  However pathological tendencies will be energized most, causing obsessive or compulsive behaviors.  Beware of physical or mechanical breakdown, not to mention mental or emotional.  Charismatic energies will be strong, but the tendency to misuse opportunities will be sensitized as well.  (Sun square Pluto)

Friday, March 26
Emotions and/or relationship situations will be strongly affected producing developments, but be mindful of hidden agendas behind the feelings.  (Venus tridecile Pluto)

Sat, March 27
No peaking influences

Sun, March 28
No peaking influences

Mon, March 29
Obsessive thoughts and actions are accented.  The power of the mind to penetrate, persuade, or overcome opposition will be strong; a situation which could be unethically used.  Romance should be strong, hopes and dreams having a strong affect on perceptions.  (Mercury tridecile Pluto, Venus sextile Neptune)

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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