Figuring It All Out

by | Jul 31, 2006 | Current Events

What you need to know, and what you don't. 

There is a lady out east who wants a reading from me.  Life seems to have taken a turn for the worse, when it wasn’t really that great to begin with.  She really thinks I may be able to help her to understand what is going on in her life. 

There is a little obstacle though: she doesn’t have any money.  So she pleads, cajoles, and then in the end starts scolding me for not helping her.  She says she’ll pay me really soon; but she needs the information right now.  I said no, but then I thought I should help her anyway, and I offered to take a payment plan. 

Well, all of a sudden a new disaster happened in her life, and she wasn’t able to send me the initial payment; but we should do the reading anyway.  Then she called me at 5:30 in the morning, to get my attention.  So I totally reversed myself and said rather bluntly to forget it.  I just don’t want to deal with her. 

I won’t take payment plans anymore because it allows people who will do such things the chance to parasitically get all they can from you.  This is a part of business, dealing with the public.  You have to develop a thick skin about it.  These people do deserve our pity though. 

The point of my story here is that this lady (maybe she’s reading this), in spite of the fact that she doesn’t have the means HAS JUST GOT TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT NOW.  The thing is trying to figure it all out, especially why you have to endure all these sticky and so-difficult-if-not-impossible-to-change situations, you may literally go insane. 

I would say this lady is in the first stages of what could become disassociation from reality because reality is not an intellectual thing. 

Take my advise, don’t try to mentally grasp everything going on in your life.  The finite, limited human mind cannot embrace and accept the infinite, cosmic, and eternally vast plans and purposes that our Divine Overseer has for us.  One has to become like a little child and simply accept what is going on in one’s life is for the good, and that by and by understanding will come, but it is a purely spiritual process. 

A couple of other things will keep us from going insane, whether that is figuratively or literally. 

First, when bad things happen to us it is our karma.  The universe is exquisitely just.  The truth is that we are the initiators of our own misfortune.  The things we do, or do not do decides what comes to us.  It is not an arbitrary fate; or distant, uncaring deity; your parents, spouses, or friends who are to blame; but that girl or guy you see in the mirror. 

Accepting that will give you a tremendous amount of peace.  Further you’ll be galvanized as you can’t in any other way to correct and reverse that trend in your life.  You won’t treat others as your enemy any longer, and your relationships will improve just as greatly. 

Secondly, the universe (or God, if you will) is far more merciful than you can ever imagine.  You cannot know how much worse your karma decrees that you should suffer misfortunes in life, but which is held back and mitigated by life in order that you may get a chance to more quickly get on top of things.  We should count our blessings; maybe we don't want to know the extent of our crimes in the past. 

Thirdly, the universe gives you exactly as much as you can handle of the bad, you can stay on top of it and eventually through faith, diligence, and centeredness of heart turn it all around.  You really can, even if you don’t believe it.  It also gives you as much of the good as you can safely handle as well, it does not want you to start misusing the good that you have and create even more bad karma for yourself, which will only set you back further. 

Think if you had a million dollars suddenly given to you.  How much of that substance would be misinvested, and quickly go into the hands of those who shouldn’t have it.  Would you buy a lot of gadgets and things which start cluttering up you life?  Would you grow fat and lazy?  Are any of those things good? 

Most people, by the way, it is my opinion go crazy because they choose to; they could have kept themselves together and eventually turned things around.  They just didn’t believe they could do it, or they just didn't want to. 

Believe me, I used to work at a hospital in downtown Minneapolis during the night shift. I saw “wackos” all the time, and they weren’t much different from you and I. 

Fourthly, everything that happens to us is the cosmic mirror of illumination, it is to show us something.  That is, the universe is pointing you in the direction you need to attend to. This lady does not need spiritual information, she need to attend to her mundane needs.  Maybe she has been too much into the spiritual at the expense of her financial needs. 

The bottom line is she needs to be a nicer person and pull her own weight.  Rarefied and specialized astrological information about her life at this point will only clutter her mind and distract her from what she really needs to do.  It would seem the Universe agrees, therefore the money is not in her hands. 

But in answer to this lady as to why she is having all these problems……duh!  There is no mystery, it is the universe reflecting back her own inconsistency and lack of love.  Deal with it!  I could tell her a thing or two about her ascendant and planets, but apparently sometimes we just have to take responsibility for our lives.  Big words and fancy psychological explanations after a while become meaningless.   

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