February 1, 2020
February 2020 Predictions
by Curtis Burns,

Saturday, Feb 1
No peaking influences

Sunday, Feb 2
Wild topics with ethical fuzzy areas tantalize attention.  (Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Venus sextile Pluto)

Monday, Feb 3
Tempered passion drives situations and relationships.  (Venus sextile Saturn, Mars sextile Juno)

Tuesday, Feb 4
Expansive delight and a little good fortune can go a long way.  (Venus quintile Jupiter)

Wednesday, Feb 5
Outlook is daringly innovative.  Mars shifts a sidereal sign to Sagittarius giving us 45 days of so of added adventure.  (Mercury sextile Uranus)

Thursday, Feb 6
Sudden turns that some people will rejoice at.  Audacity leaps to the stars.  (Jupiter tridecile Uranus)

Friday, Feb 7
Urgency and haste can dramatically turn the course of the day.  Relationships are in focus.  (Mercury quintile Mars, Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno)

Saturday, Feb 8
Juno Stationary Retrograde
Significant relationship accentuation. 

Sunday, Feb 9
Full Moon
Excited states can incite change.  (Mercury semisquare Pluto)

Monday, Feb 10
Mercury at Greatest Elongation
Moon at Perigee
You must be what you are, not another man’s conception thereof. Powerful relationship developments.  (Sun quintile Uranus, Sun trine Juno)

Tuesday, Feb 11
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 12
Mercury at Perihelion
Wrestling with issues, desire versus conscience.  Mercury is at it’s closest to the Sun today.  (Venus quintile Pluto, Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Thursday, Feb 13
No peaking influences

Friday, Feb 14
Valentine’s Day
Maybe slightly restrained Valentine’s Day. Love in recognition of commitments and responsibilities attached.  Perhaps some disappointments at coming down from false loves. Purposeful artistry.  (Venus quintile Saturn)

Saturday, Feb 15
Last Quarter Moon
No peaking influences

Sunday, Feb 16
Mercury Stationary Retrograde
Activity, discussion and realization with an inward slant. 

Monday, Feb 17
Urgency and passion applied moves past the dull or stagnant people or situations.  (Mercury quintile Mars)

Tuesday, Feb 18
No peaking influences

Wednesday, Feb 19
Break past resistance to truth, become open to the possibility of change.  (Mercury semisquare Saturn)

Thursday, Feb 20
Hope and connectedness characterize the day, as well as with relationships.  (Jupiter sextile Neptune, Mars quintile Juno)

Friday, Feb 21
New developments to affairs advent with flourish.  (Mars trine Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 22
Unexpected, but not necessarily true opportunities appear with excitement.  (Sun semisquare Jupiter, Sun sextile Uranus)

Sunday, Feb 23
New Moon
Lots of interesting discussions and opportunities for social interactions.  (Venus square Jupiter, Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto)

Monday, Feb 24
A dissatisfied sentiment rises, perhaps with many people looking for someone or something to blame.  Important connections.  (Mars quintile Neputne, Sun sextile Mars, Mars conjunct South Node)

Tuesday, Feb 25
Mercury Inferior Conjunction
Realizations to action.  Love is greater than all problem that can come between people. Today Mercury literally comes directly between the Sun and Earth. (Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury sextile Mars, Venus opposite Juno)

Wed and Thurs, Feb 26-27
Conversations at meetings, striving for understanding.  (Mercury semisquare Venus, Mercury sesquiquadrate Juno)

Friday, Feb 28
Day of bluster and discovery, emotional gravity.  (Sun semisquare Pluto, Mercury semisquare Jupiter, Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Uranus)

Saturday, Feb 29
No peaking influences


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