Monday, Feb 20
No peaking influences

Tuesday, Feb 21
Relationships may seem uncommonly beautiful and full of potential, however chances are right now you are conveniently missing a few important details and may be set up for a fall not too long from now.  In other areas discussion and thinking faculties may be inhibited or obstructed, or possibly an overly negativistic tone may dominate the day.  (Venus semisquare Neptune, Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Wednesday, Feb 22
Love and passion should be strong, with all attention focused on getting attention and gratifying desires.  Emotionality should be generally high.  (Venus quincunx Mars)

Thursday, Feb 23
A sense of urgency, hysteria or alarm is likely; and the opportunity to gain is self-assertion abilities will be present.  Relationships dynamics are highlighted, especially in regards to the ratio of power distributed between parties.  (Mercury opposite Mars, Sun square Juno)

Friday, Feb 24
No peaking influences

Saturday, Feb 25
Debate and discussion should be lively as well as potentially contentious and upsetting, going into little trod topical categories.  Be careful of pushing the envelope, bending the truth to suit one’s purposes, or even promising too much.  Relationship developments are highlighted.  (Mercury quintile Pluto, semisquare Jupiter, Venus sesquiquadrate Juno, Sun sextile Jupiter)

Sunday, Feb 26
A pessimistic tone of mind may damper some otherwise passionate energies of the day.  In other areas; organization, analysis, and practicality are emphasized.  (Mercury biquintile Saturn, Venus biquintile Mars)

Monday, Feb 27
Venus enters sidereal Aries today (using Raman ayanamsha), ardor and passion may markedly increase, as well as potential jealousies and inclinations for shorter-term gratification, whether that be romantic, sexual, or other areas of emotional life.

Mercury, God of Thieves

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