Mon, Feb 9
Lunar eclipse in sidereal Cancer, things may feel a little weird, health may be off, and that disconnected, foggy feeling may dog you.  Try to think of it though as an energetic readjustment, a temporary hang as your mind downloads some new stuff from the Source. 

Tues, Feb 10
No peaking influences

Wed, Feb 11
Frustration could accompany efforts to overcome obstacles; the clash of two malefic planets today could result in extreme cases of accident or injury (joints, bones, and muscles).  Arduous application of effort though may deliver surprisingly definitive results. (Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn)

Thurs, Feb 12

A sense of urgency may tyrannize moments of the day causing people to overreact. Sudden hysteria could endanger the safety of all.  In other areas, dishonest or deceitful behavior could be energized, as well as addictive or escapist tendencies.  (Mars semisquare Uranus, Sun conjunct Neptune)

Fri, Feb 13
Right now there may be a peaking of a very optimistic, spiritual, and enthusiastic energy; people may be brought together under very positive auspices, and perceptions may be somewhat overly rosy.  (Jupiter conjunct North Node)

Sat, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day
No peaking influences

Sun, Feb 15
Seemingly very beautiful expressions of love may occur in relationships, but may have a strong undercurrent of self-defeating intentions.  (Venus semisquare Neptune)

Mon, Feb 16
The force of this day may be very strong: urgency, directness, and goal-orientation will be palpable.  Some may be overwhelmed and others may be impacted by the shock of it.  Also social, cultural, and spiritual venues should be favored.  (Mars conjunct North Node, Venus sextile Jupiter)