Next week I am of the opinion that the entire planet will be entering a critical phase of development.  I believe the danger of increased war and imperilment to many millions of people will significantly increase.  I would not say this lightly, but to as many as this message will go out to I hope that I can provide perspective and therefore hope. 


Next week with the upcoming solar eclipse, I am of the opinion that the entire planet will be entering a critical phase of development.  I believe the danger of increased war and imperilment to many millions of people will significantly increase.  I would not say this lightly, but to as many as this message will go out to I hope that I can provide perspective and therefore hope. 

Therefore I believe that next week’s eclipse will be the official start of a period of increased tensions, hostilities, abuses of power, and in extreme cases shock and horror.  I am at work producing a document laying this all out in easily understood detail.  Some of the events this week may signal things to come in the very near future, and that future I am referring to is the period from late March to Late May 2007. 

This week Saturn retrogrades back into exact opposition with Neptune, with one more opposition in June as Saturn turns back into forward motion and swings around again.  Therefore it is possible that the “worst” of the propaganda war will erupt, where any person or circumstance can be demonized because it is politically expedient. 

Saturday will be an eclipse of the Moon, where the actual body of the earth blocks out the direct rays of the Sun to the Moon (partially at least).  The Moon, which represents the mind and our habitual day to day life, “disappears” suddenly.  This can mean a figurative “loss of consciousness” such as would happen if the consciousness were to be suddenly catapulted upwards in some dramatic and intense spiritual experience.  To the outer senses it would seem confusing, disorienting, and frightening; but in reality it is indicative of the spirit of a person breaking through to new, expanded levels. 

Eclipses I have always noticed to be rather “strange” and even causative of problems, especially having to do with confusion and disorientation; at least on some level.  Eclipses can also be astrological inaugural signs of new historical turns of events.  The details of which I will be expanding on the days to come in an important feature article I am writing.  Come back to this website soon for more information. 

Day by day readings:

Mon, Feb 26
No peaking influences. 

Tue, Feb 27
As of yesterday, today, or tomorow Mars will move into minor hard aspect to the Nodal Axis (exact dates are hard to pin down with the Nodes).  This puts all people, situations, and all general emotional states into a state of tension, agitations, and desire to make things happen.  There should be a coming together of people under the themes of proactive actions, anger and frustration, competetiveness, and heated zeal and passion.  There could be some misfortunes for some in the form of accidents, injuries, and the like; and there could be some inadvertent but still highly irritating stepping on other people’s toes.  Also early on today there could be an abundant free flow of thoughts and ideas that writers, speakers, and healers can take advantage of;  be careful of staying in “reality” with your excitement.  (Mars semisquare North Node, Mercury quintile Jupiter) 

Wed, Feb 28
Do you feel that things could be better, that too much personal delusional game playing gets in the way of fulfilling life-prerogatives?  Do you feel somewhat disillusioned at the mischief your lower self has wreaked on your life, at the expense of more important things you could have done?  As Saturn and Neptune align today exactly regrets over past opportunities wasted on dissipative ventures sting the soul to recommit greater honor and integrity in its efforts.  “Coming down” by design is not a fun thing, but you’ll agree that it is good to be brought back to realism.  Alternatively, the current illusions of our times; those possibly used by the media to beguile us and less-than-nice authorities to control us, their deceits may be in plain view right now.  Is the Anna Nicole Smith child custody trial, the next presidential horse race, or the latest pronouncements of the “good war” in some far distant land really what they are presented to be?  What is the way to think that is good, because we are internally directed to such, or because we are told it is the correct way?  Issues like these are prominent on the scene today, as they have been for the last year or so, with the current long-playing-out astrology of Saturn and Neptune.  (Saturn opposite Neptune)

Thur, Mar 1
The will to take control, to assume dominance; whether that be in a pathological fashion or not, will be strongly activated today.  The ego may revel in its pride and sense that it has the capacity to be a law unto itself (albeit in a very small way.)  The temptation to blur the distinction between appropriateness and impropriety may be very strong; people ethically challenged in various ways may get a charge at being intimidating.  Some us at the other end of the power equation may find ourselves equally in a pathological subordinate situation.  The energy to seize opportunities (again, ethical or not), to boldly move out into adventurous territory should be quite strong.  Judgment, of course, may be strongly colored as well by an exaggerated sense of enthusiasm.  (Sun quintile Pluto, Mars semisquare Jupiter)

Fri, Mar 2
Important relationships may be coming about today.  The question of power and control equally divided in relationship may be in issue today.  Nevertheless cordiality should be high for everyone.  (Sun sesquiquadrate Juno, Mercury semisquare Venus, Mercury trine Juno)

Sudden losses of power and control may be at issue today.  Eclipses have a strange, unearthly, disorienting quality to them.  The strong juxtaposition of gravitational and magnetic forces may play havoc on the mind an body.  Such problems are not impossible to rise above, but today would seem more suited to rest, meditation, and contemplation. 

Sun, Mar 4
No peaking influence. 

Mon, Mar 5
The universal urge to be free, to do your own thing will not be an issue easily set aside today.  Underlying problems with authority figure may come out right now, as would the temptation to want to topple old and outworn ruling structures and or people.  Sudden innovative flashes are possible, especially to the prepared mind.  (Sun conjunct Uranus)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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