Examining Love’s Paradoxes, A Malefic Week

by | Jan 25, 2010 | Predictions

Astrology Predictions Week of January 25, 2010, Mars at Opposition with Venus, Saturn Square Pluto

This week there are very strongly aggressive and dangerous astrological configurations forming.  Mars is now at opposition to the Sun.  Mars is closest, brightest, and highest in the night sky; this potentially could be severe in its astrological effects.  This is also called Mars at perigee, closest to Earth.  Further accentuating the intensity and potential for shock this week is the aspects of Uranus and Pluto also on Mars.  Saturn also is reforming its square to Pluto.  All in all, it is a very astrologically malefic week.

It’s hard to pin down exact dates because nearly every day has an important aspect forming.  There will also be a full moon, which will be at perigee as well.  The stars seem to be all about Mars this week.  Mars is currently in the sidereal sign of its debilitation, Cancer, which pushes things to the more problematical side.  The dysfuncitonal side of Mars can be very impetious, reactive, and vindictive; Mars agitating the emotional waters of Cancer.

There could also be a sort of passive-aggression happening, simmering resentments starting to roll to a boil but which may not break to the surface; nevertheless souring the atmosphere of daily life.  One way Mars act (or over-reacts) is) is on a theme of powerlessness; i.e. when Mars feels threatened or unable to vanquish his enemy he overcompensates by displaying exaggerated toughness. 

There will also be a strong contribution from Venus this week as it also makes an opposition to Mars, certainly rising up the heat of love.  What is love anyway besides a force the draws together separated parts of ourselves in a most healing fashion?  We may come together on the outside, but there is also in internal psychological reconnecting with various parts of our psyche.  Like the chicken or the egg, which comes first: the internal psychological change or the outer relationship?

Relationship Dynamics Unfolding

Love’s paradoxes this week we may get a chance to examine, as well as other things having to do with obsessions, compulsions, aggressions and the fears which drive us to “fight” our enemies.  Have you ever known a couple who were intense lovebirds in the beginning, but in the end turned out to be hostile combatants? Are these just extreme manifestations of the same thing: a relationship based on going after something in others when that very thing is found first internally?

If we don’t find it in ourselves, then we certainly won’t find it in another.  Then it is just a matter of finding an acceptable way of demonizing the other justifying the separation, freeing us for greener pastures.  However we weave a very tangled web now in the 21st century, coming together and breaking up are just not very simple.  Can we just do it a little more civilly though?

Tough Times Through the Saturn-Pluto Square

Saturn re-perfecting its square to Pluto again probably resounding in the US national political scene with the tough times for the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party with strategic losses in the Massachusetts senate race and a possible loss of the health reform bill.  Now they have to do damage control to not look completely ineffective. All of a sudden Obama is tough on the banks and talking about creating jobs, realizing a little too late what is important in the minds of the electorate.  The Democrats (and Obama) may take a hit in the November 2010 elections.

The Saturn-Pluto square as I outlined in detail in Mounting Challenges 2009-11 is resulting in a lot of intensive movements toward a more controlling and dominating type of statehood with such things as the aforementioned health reform legislation, the push for H1N1 vaccinations, the Copenhagen Conference, and the recent Supreme Court of the US ruling giving unlimited power to corporations to contribute to political campaigns.  These are all deeply abusive of the population and very financially advantageous for the insurance companies, drug companies, banking houses and trading firms; they require the strict rule of law with very heavy penalties for not complying.  In a word it is a strong push for fascism.  So far it appears to be falling short, the principals reaching too far.

The second phase of the mortgage crisis is about to surface with the coming due of millions of adjustable rate mortgages.  Payments will skyrocket in an already contracting economy; there could be a veritable explosion of foreclosures.  There are further developments astrologically in 2010, not all of them good either.  As I said in the ebook above, 2010 will be an interesting year.

Day by Day with Results:

Sun, Jan 24
While some aspects of life today may be meaningfully slowed down, it may be possible to find balance, practicality, and shrewdness to your actions. But in other ways self-deceit and self-deception are distinct possibilities; be careful of seeing not what is really there but you would like to see (projecting your fanciful hopes and dreams onto people and situations). The reading of important details may be at risk, which is a danger to operating machinery, etc. (Sun trine Saturn, Mercury semisquare Neptune)

Mon, Jan 25
There may be moments of stressed out urgency and alarm, even the possibility haste causing accidents and injury; but for a time the pace of life may go from lukewarm to white hot suddenly. Equally, relationships of an unusual (disparate types of individuals coming together) or sudden (and quickly ending) nature may come about. The key to letting them happen successfully is not to let tendencies to clutch at or to be possessive of others come out. (Mercury contraparallel and quincunx Mars, Venus semisquare Uranus, Juno parallel Uranus)

Tues, Jan 26
Relationships and the desire to get together certainly will be accentuated, the tendency to project the most coveted and attractive qualities onto others will be stimulated. Funny how what we really need is found in someone else, or at least that’s how it seems to be. The ability to break free of heretofore limiting mind sets and circumstances will be accentuated. (Venus opposite Mars, Mercury quintile Uranus)

  • toyota recalls eight popular car models due to problems with the accellerator pedal sticking, shutting down entire factories until the issues will be resolved. 

Wed, Jan 27
No peaking influences

  • North and South Korea exhange artillery fire  News story
  • Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner grilled by House Oversight Committee, accused of gross misconduct/incompetence for role in the attempt to hide crucial information of the bank bailouts News story
  • John and Elizabeth Edwards legally separated News story
  • Obama makes his first State of the Union address to Congress

Thurs, Jan 28
Initiative, urgency, and the motive to make things happen will be strongly stimulated. Intensive and demanding application of force may be occuring; over-zealous and inappropriate manifestations of behavior may be triggered including sexual. Be careful being in danger zones; mechanical or electrical devices may breakdown (including physical bodies). (Mars biquintile Pluto, Sun semisquare Uranus)

  • Winter storm blasting southern Plains with ice, snow news story
  • Ben Bernanke reappointed by US Senate for a 2nd term as Fed Chairman, even with his involvement in the AIG bailout scandal.  It was a margin of 70-30 even in the face of the bad press.  Was there a bit of “intimidation” brought down on the Senate? 
  • More artillery between North and South Korea. 
  • President Obama announced Thursday that the federal government will spend $8 billion developing a nationwide high-speed train system  News Story

Fri, Jan 29
Urgency and precipitous action may be the theme of the day as well as dangerous impetuosity. Be careful of being in risky situations (crime, war zones, etc.) and the danger of accidents and injury. In other areas relationships may get a lift, new possibilities may open up. (Sun opposite Mars, Juno semisquare Jupiter)

  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair faces harsh questioning on the 2003 decision to invade Iraq, he avoided a direct confrontation with protesters by going to a back entrance.
  • U.S. announces $6.4 billion arms deal with Taiwan News Story
  • Russia tests its first stealth fighter jet News Story
  • Obama spars with GOP in no-holds-barred debate News Story

Sat, Jan 30, Full Moon
A very bright (full) moon conjunct Mars serves to amplify conditions already cited for this week.  This full moon is also perigee (closest to earth).

Sun, Jan 31
Carrying over from Friday a very serious cast can come to this day, the potential for sudden clamorous feeling to erupt are high. Sudden or shocking developments may occur, possibly on a large level. The feeling of loss, hardship, or the urgency to have to work very hard will be acute; however a very strong determination will arise as you keep a persevering attitude. (Saturn square Pluto, Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus)

Mon, Feb 1
While the energies of the weekend are only just subsiding, a more positive influence may capture your mind and outlook. Discussions, study, and investigations should be fortuitous. (Mercury semisquare Jupiter)

Curtis Burns

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