Predictions February 1 to 6, 2014; Venus Opposite Mars, Saturn Stationary Retrograde

This week has a series of relationship-oriented configurations, which then lead up to Saturn turning retrograde next Tuesday, February 7, 2012.  Changes and new developments in relationships would seem to be slated this week, and then the deeper issues behind them may rise to the surface a little later on, into next week.

So by this coming weekend if you start to feel issues that cause anxiety in you to boil, don’t freak out, it’s the process of deep transformation occurring, requiring your earnest participation in the process.  Judicious use of the mantra “this to, will pass” will go a long way to seeing you through this rough patch on your path.

If you feel overwhelmed, believe that you can stretch yourself to contain this “problem”, and you will emerge more confident, more proficient, and more able to help others with what you have gained.  Whether we believe it or not, the infinite compassion of the Universe doles out our karmic doses, but not more than we can truly handle, but enough to keep us humble.  That’s Saturn for you.

Wednesday, Feb 1
Relationships are highlighted, but also attendant issues of jealousy, control, seeking attention, and compensating for self-perceived sense of neediness.  (Venus opposite Mars)

Thursday, Feb 2
Relationship again are highlighted, this time perhaps through filtering and critical mechanisms.  A little bit of pain in the relationship can do a whole lot of good down the road.  (Sun quintile Juno, Venus biquintile Saturn)

Friday, Feb 3
No peaking influences

Saturday, Feb 4
Communications in relationships are highlighted, as well as being able to experience the lighter side of them.  (Mercury quintile Juno)

Sunday, Feb 5
Senses of panic, urgency, or alarm are possible, possibly accompanied by turbulence of events.  Decisive action and leadership may be essential qualities to have or gain today.  All senses of repressed or suppressed energy or emotion may suddenly spring forth today; so it’s best to not neglect or cover-over any issues of self-interest.  (Sun and Mercury biquintile Mars)

Monday, Feb 6
Tomorrow Saturn turns retrograde, possibly bringing darker emotions to acute attention; but before that today the Sun and Mercury aspect Saturn and Uranus, bringing into sharp contrast issues of control vs. freedom, tradition vs. progressivism, or discipline vs. reckless spontaneity.  Stress could be high, but focused towards creating new life-paradigms.  (Sun and Mercury semisquare Uranus, tridecile Saturn)

Mercury, God of Thieves

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