Election USA 2010: It Could Be a Weird One

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Current Events

In the US here we are about to have our mid-term elections, a non-presidential election cycle.  This year polls and pundits are predicting major losses for the Democratic Party and probably losing control of the Senate and House of Representatives.

Some might point to an uninspiring first two years of the Obama administration to blame, others might say (apologists mainly) that two years was not enough to turn around the excesses and abuses of the preceding eight years of the Bush Administration.

To be fair I could say that the Obama Administration has looked very similar in form and function to Bush’s: run by Washington insiders and benefiting a small sector of financial elites at the expense of the lower, middle and upper classes of Americans.  The trend did not abate (but accelerated) of the vast open ended wars and the curtailment of personal freedoms at home; jobs and manufacturing continued to migrate to other nations, and foreclosures and the poverty levels continue to increase dramatically.

Every now and then you read about rumors that Obama will not seek a second term or that he acts bizarrely at the White House at times; but things do not seem to be well with the Democratic Party in Washington, DC.  Hilary Clinton, who supposedly could replace Obama on the Democrat ticket, was strangely out of the picture in the last week running up to the election.

If I take a look astrologically at what is going on; Election Day November 2 shows the following:

  1. Jupiter and Uranus are rather close to each other, which would seem to indicate a change is in the winds.
  2. The wide aspects of Saturn and Pluto to Jupiter and Uranus would also seem to push the envelope about how good the change is.
  3. Neptune will be making a station on Sunday, November 7th, which is removed about a week from the election but close enough to be of a delusion-creating influence.

Otherwise there is nothing astrologically that says “conservative takeover” per se on the day people will be going to the polls (and if you believe that voting tabulations mean anything or not.)  Indications do point to a tangible “change incited from dissatisfaction” influence, and possibly a not-entirely-deserved-swooning reverie on the part of conservatives from Neptune turning direct the next week.

Then I looked ahead to the date of when the new congress will begin its session and some significant things popped up.  The House and Senate both start on January 3 after each election.  January 3 this year will be highly significant in terms of astrology because this is the date of an eclipse of the Sun, and a powerful one at that as I highlighted in my book Mounting Challenges.

The exact date of the eclipse will be January 4, 2011, which I cited in my book as the final crowning influence of a series of major configurations that have been occurring for the past year or so; and which this eclipse will manifest its results over the next six months or longer.

A solar eclipse is a rather malefic (powerful) event because the Sun representing the light, energy, and consciousness of the spirit is temporarily “snuffed out” creating a lost-in-the-woods kind of effect, but ultimately it opens the door to new energies.  Eclipses usually punctuate the beginning and ending of significant worldly affairs, so it would seem to point to the 112th US Congress will be pivotal in some ways.

I think we have to keep in mind that the same financial interests who run and put into office their presidential candidates also do the same for the congressional seats.  The Republican/Democrat divide is largely an artificial situation, whereby both sides are so extreme from each other that they do not work well at all, and serve to keep a political entity supposedly closer to the people (a congress) in a constant state of polarized paralysis.

A real “democracy” would consist of more parties than just the two.  Today any independent party that manages to come up and be a contender has to deal with a system that is rigged to work just with Democrats and Republicans and usually fails.  It is a fixed system, and nothing really is going to change except for some reshuffling of the party designations of the positions and some of the legislative leadership.  The Democrats and Republicans do not differ much in what they produce, but they definitely have different spins on their rhetoric.

Each side has their unique straw man arguments; i.e. Republicans have extremist moral positions and favor the rich, while Democrats supposedly hate big business and are Marxist, etc.  This is good enough for the simplistic debate in the media today, and with an audience that is overworked and stressed out, surfeited in a steady diet of intellect-numbing entertainment and distractions.

However I am sure and I am hoping that a few true statesmen (and stateswomen) on both sides of the isle will emerge from this new election.

Nevertheless, with this US Congress officially starting business literally under the shadow of an eclipse of the Sun, it could be interesting indeed.  The fact that it is an eclipse does not create any good feelings in me either.  While there probably will be a White House against the Congress supposedly; a lot of key legislation may be coming down the pike having to do with any amount of critical issues: cap and trade legislation, privacy, bailouts and stimulus packages, and more.

The election happening close to a Neptune station and the swearing-in occurring at the time of an eclipse could point to possible problems with disputes, confusion, and errors in the vote counting process; a situation happening more and more these days.

Yes, it could be a weird one.

(Chart to be posted soon)

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