Election Day 2004: Curtis Gets it Right

by | Nov 2, 2004 | Current Events

Here’s what’s happening. 

We are of course now at the US Presidential elections, a pivotal moment at whatever level you accept. 

As we speak Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto have moved into a unique and normally hard to recognize 5th harmonic configuration.  I have my western astrology hat fully on as I speak this. 

Saturn and Pluto for recent weeks have been in a bi-quintile to each other; that is, 144 degrees separation.  144 degrees is exactly two-fifths of 360 degrees of the full circle, thus this is a fifth harmonic aspect. 

Jupiter has now moved into an exact quintile, or 72 degrees, or one-fifth of a circle to both Saturn and Pluto.  In fact Jupiter has come to the exact midpoint of Saturn and Pluto. 

(If anyone is interested in seeing this configuration, please send me an email and I will post a graphic of it.) 

This is a very powerful and potentially positive set up of energies of the outer planets.  Jupiter, however, is in the sign of its detriment (unable to express itself comfortably) Virgo; and therefore the tendency of the manifestation could fall to the human problematical side. 

Lesser, imperfect manifestations of Jupiter energy can be arrogance of thinking, huge expenditures or losses, and basically a lot of hot air but no real substance.  Connected with the outright malefic (“evil”) planets in this overall configuration, I am tempted to bring up issues of gross manipulation and political mis-application of power. 

Coinciding with our elections this situation is just too good of an opportunity for mischief to pass up.  Will ballot totals be “tampered” with?  Will lawyers come out of the woodwork and hold up the decision?  Will “terrorists” make another “statement”?  Will it become a contest of philosophical hyperbole? 

THEN, early on Monday, November 8; Saturn (first class malefic itself) turns stationary retrograde; or as I like to say, it makes a screeching halt in the sky and starts moving backwards.  Saturn stations such as this are typically hard and difficult on the world and certain individuals for sure. 

As Saturn stations it will also get a nasty square from transiting Mars on Sunday, November 7; just one day before. 

A little bit later on Thursday, November 11; transiting Uranus (another heavy duty malefic) turns stationary itself, AND makes a quintile to Pluto at the same time. 

Just what I am saying?  In a nutshell, in coinciding with this election (within a few days) there will be a massive line-up of planets signifying important things but also potentially very negative things. 

What will happen will happen.  What is in control here is not really the preponderance of American popular opinion (in the form of votes); but a deeper, darker, Machiavellian political process that in itself is predictable enough. 

Don’t believe a word of what any politician will be saying over the next few weeks, or for any one caught up in the political fervor of the election, there is just too much of an issue of power and control dominant at this time. 

Just remember that it is vitally important that you become the pilot of your own ship, and that you yourself remain true to your deeper purposes and ideals with whatever is involved in that personal realization; for this is the true meaning to the configurations that we are now coming into. 

A lot of western astrologers (and Vedic ones to) have given the election to Kerry.  I think a lot of them are simply too biased and just have super-demonized Bush; therefore to preserve sanity they must see Kerry as the victor.  Personally seeing Kerry’s cycles, I can’t see anything that Bush doesn’t have better.  I strive to be very objective. 

Right, I predict Bush will win. 

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