Economic Declines Globally as Jupiter and Saturn Opppose Each Other

by | May 13, 2010 | Current Events

Economic Declines

Astrology of Market and Currency Fluctuations

Recent declines in stock markets in the US and Europe are coinciding with the larger patterns in the astrology of this year.  As previously written about here and in my special report Mounting Challenges, 2010 looks to be a landmark year astrologically, which corroborates the story told in markets the world around.

Last week’s 1,000 point drop in the New York Stock Exchange was perfectly coincided with aspects of Mars contra-paralleling Pluto and Jupiter contra-paralleling Saturn on Thursday, May 6.  Parallels are when planets become equidistant from zero degrees declination, basically an opposition on another axis.  Also these kinds of aspects reinforce the more commonly known aspects that are coming into exact alignment this year.

May 2010  Jupiter Opposite Saturn Alignment

As Jupiter begins to aspect Saturn a definite sense of frustration and stilted enthusiasm can set in.  Saturn’s natural contracting, consolidating qualities interacts with Jupiter’s vibrant sense of possibilities and excitement; momentum gets stopped and despair can set in.  The aspect of Pluto upon the other two planets greatly deepens and makes much more poignant the energy of the situation; it also adds the potential of a system-wide collapse to set in.

Markets are declining for a number of reasons, but mainly it is because of loss of confidence in currencies and the mega-super-reckless use of bailouts.  Inflation and austerity measures are hammering economies in Europe and the US. There is rioting in the streets in Greece over what is being done, and similar discontent could erupt in the US.

Whether the crisis last Thursday had element of secret manipulation by financial organizations or whether it was all by a natural process of breakdown, the over arcing patterns in the skies confirm that the normal exuberant sense of prosperity will be severely handicapped in the next few months.

Since the astrological patterns basically will be peaking in middle and late summer 2010 (plus some reprises in early 2011); I am not of the opinion that the “crisis” is over at all.

Markets have an amazing ability to seemingly come back from the brink, but I hardly think stock markets are “natural” phenomena at all.  Markets are manipulated all the time, by sources that have access to millions and billions of liquid funds at a moment’s notice, such as the “plunge protection team” at the White House.  I remember reading in the middle of the day last Thursday that the markets dropped 1000 points that a wave of fear overtook the trading floor.

But I knew that probably it was going to come back before long, because it always seems to happen.  It is in the best interests of the market itself to perpetuate the notion that all is well and that people should keep investing their money.  It really is a sucker-game; the same forces can cause the sudden rise in stock process and then the bottom to drop out.   Then it is a matter of cleaning up by buying up all the stocks for pennies on the dollar.

The Value of  the Euro Early 2010However, it’s not all that simple; there are larger forces at work that defy being harnessed by financial houses or governments.  The bankers don’t have the means to stop the planets in the heavens and their effects on economic matters.  I think that we will be going through a natural process of decline and re-organizing financially; it’s not the time to speculate and go for the high risk rewards, more of consolidation and riding the storm out.

I will say with a degree of confidence is that the next 10-12 months will be very crucial, and that what you and I do during this time will have great consequences down the road.  Choose the best.

Curtis Burns

Mercury, God of Thieves

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