Eclipses 2022

eclipse Eclipses in 2022 and Times

All dates and times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, also called UTC for Coordinated Universal Time) so add or subtract hours indicated for your time zone for correct times for your location.  Time zone info at at bottom of page.


Solar Eclipse: a new moon where the Moon completely blocks out the Sun from view, causing a temporary decrease in sunlight

Lunar Eclipse: a full moon where the Earth comes in between the Sun and Moon causing a shadow to appear on the Moon in the sky, darkening its appearance

Total: the eclipsing planet totally blocks out the light of the sun

Appulse: the Moon moves only partially into the Earth’s shadow and is only slightly dimmed

Annular: the Moon is too far away and only creates a “ring” effect not totally blocking out the Sun

Eclipses 2022

Solar (Partial)Apr 30 20228:27:54 pm
Lunar (Total)May 16 20224:13:57 am
Solar (Partial)Oct 25 202210:48:30 am
Lunar (Total)Nov 8 2022 11:01:56 am

World Time Zones

GMTGreenwich Mean TimeGMT
UTCUniversal Coordinated TimeGMT
ECTEuropean Central TimeGMT+1:00
EETEastern European TimeGMT+2:00
ART(Arabic) Egypt Standard TimeGMT+2:00
EATEastern African TimeGMT+3:00
METMiddle East TimeGMT+3:30
NETNear East TimeGMT+4:00
PLTPakistan Lahore TimeGMT+5:00
ISTIndia Standard TimeGMT+5:30
BSTBangladesh Standard TimeGMT+6:00
VSTVietnam Standard TimeGMT+7:00
CTTChina Taiwan TimeGMT+8:00
JSTJapan Standard TimeGMT+9:00
ACTAustralia Central TimeGMT+9:30
AETAustralia Eastern TimeGMT+10:00
SSTSolomon Standard TimeGMT+11:00
NSTNew Zealand Standard TimeGMT+12:00
MITMidway Islands TimeGMT-11:00
HSTHawaii Standard TimeGMT-10:00
ASTAlaska Standard TimeGMT-9:00
PSTPacific Standard TimeGMT-8:00
PNTPhoenix Standard TimeGMT-7:00
MSTMountain Standard TimeGMT-7:00
CSTCentral Standard TimeGMT-6:00
ESTEastern Standard TimeGMT-5:00
IETIndiana Eastern Standard TimeGMT-5:00
PRTPuerto Rico and US Virgin Islands TimeGMT-4:00
CNTCanada Newfoundland TimeGMT-3:30
AGTArgentina Standard TimeGMT-3:00
BETBrazil Eastern TimeGMT-3:00
CATCentral African TimeGMT-1:00