Astrological Predictions Week of November 15, 2010

The big news astrologically this week is decidedly good news of two benefic planets turning direct this week on the same day, Thursday, November 18. Thursday this week will be the day that both Venus and Jupiter stop backward (retrograde) motion and resume normal forward motion through the zodiac. Whenever there is a “station” there is a corresponding “kick” of the planet’s energy in all earthly affairs.

Therefore with Venus and Jupiter there is a higher chance that “nicer” things will happen, although I have been surprised before by astrology when the good things were supposed to happen the results clearly didn’t seem so good. Both Venus and Jupiter will be in the signs of the rulership, Libra and Pisces respectively, but at low degrees, which may not give their energies enough strength to deliver effectively.

Sometimes planets at low degrees manifest their energies dysfunctionally, in a suppressed or over-compensating manner. The exaggerated or hindered nature of their release almost insures that their effects will be temporary, but we will see soon enough. A dysfunctional Venus may come off as a lot of thoughts and feelings about love, but no corresponding actions or developments, or an overcompensating love-nature coming off as strong but needy underneath which produces no greatly desirable results.

A dysfunctional Jupiter may come off as a surge of good feelings and a sense of optimism but there are no forthcoming manifestations of good fortune; or a lot of big words and promises that may be sincerely made but the impetus for good is soon gone, or a kind of frivolous wastage of precious time and resources (pulling out the credit card too easily) for ventures that have little practical or realistic planning to them, which will most likely fail. Many times Jupiter activates philosophical, intellectual, or spiritual areas of life; and is not necessarily having to do with career or financial matters.

Mon, Nov 15
Hyperbole and enthusiasm may hijack the day; usually after the excitement (as its own form of madness) subsides, noting is seen to be done. A lot of grandiose words and promises are nothing compared to resolute and diligent actions. Creative, spiritual, philosophical, and religious issues will be emphasized. (Sun trine Jupiter)

Tues, Nov 16
Energy and motivation may suffer some mysterious losses and/or turns. Alternatively, people may feel great motivation but for erroneous causes. Some will be sublimely motivated and in very good ways. Be careful of agendas connected with codependent behaviors or addictions. (Mars quintile Neptune)

Wed, Nov 17
A cordial but serious tone may influence the day. Getting more organized and realistic about matters may be easier to achieve. (Mercury semisquare Venus, Mercury sextile Saturn)

Thurs, Nov 18
This could be a strange, unusual, or unexpectedly developmental day. There could be deceitful agendas in operation, so be sure to double check your motives and intentions; but a great upbeatness of attitude and ability to connect to others will prevail also. It is definitely a day to celebrate and make the most of the moment; which could be a good start to positive enterprises. (Venus and Jupiter stationary direct, Sun square Neptune, Mercury quintile Neptune, Sun trine Uranus)

Friday, Nov 19
No peaking influences

Saturday, Nov 20
There could be moments of hysteria and alarm punctuating difficult situations coming about, some of the rawest of dispositions may come out (hiding away for so long). This is a day however to make an assessment of your various inadequacy/disempowerment/shaming paradigms that are in effect in your life; and thus take measured steps to redress. (Mercury conjunct Mars, Sun semisquare Saturn)

Sunday, Nov 21
No peaking influences

Monday, Nov 22
No peaking influences

Mercury, God of Thieves

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